“Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!” Haitian President Speaks

 Running through Clinton’s Woes – Abominations of the Clinton Foundation

”The Press Is Burying Hillary Clinton’s Sins”

Even the Wall Street Journal is now fed up with the biased media coverage of the 2016 Presidential election as revealed by a scathing article written by Kimberly Strassel, a member of their editorial board.  As Strassel points out, it’s almost impossible to turn on the TV without hearing about Trump’s “lewd” comments while coverage of Hillary “uniformly ignores the flurry of bombshells”inherent in the various WikiLeaks, FOIA releases and FBI interviews.

 If average voters turned on the TV for five minutes this week, chances are they know that Donald Trump made lewd remarks a decade ago and now stands accused of groping women.

But even if average voters had the TV on 24/7, they still probably haven’t heard the news about Hillary Clinton: That the nation now has proof of pretty much everything she has been accused of.

It comes from hacked emails dumped by WikiLeaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, and accounts from FBI insiders. The media has almost uniformly ignored the flurry of bombshells, preferring to devote its front pages to the Trump story. So let’s review what amounts to a devastating case against a Clinton presidency.

Haitian Senate President Exposes Clinton Foundation:

“Hillary Clinton Tried To Bribe Me!”

Former Senate President of Haiti, Bernard Sansaricq, shocked a large crowd at a Trump campaign event in Little Haiti, FL. Sansaricq exposes all of the dirty dealings of the Clinton’s in Haiti while he was still in office. Donald Trump to his credit, allowed him to speak his mind and expose to the world what kind of criminals are attempting to scratch and claw their way back into our White House.

Sansaricq also claims he begged the Clinton Administration not to invade Haiti. His request was followed up with a visit by an anonymous messenger from the White House who encouraged him to “side” with the Clinton Administration and he would “be the richest man in Haiti.”

He also suggests that Hillary Clinton “disclose the audit of all money” related to the Haiti earthquake crisis, as he claims they scammed the poorest citizens of Haiti out of BILLIONS of dollars through the Clinton Foundation.

Donald Trump visited Miami’s Little Haiti neighbourhood Friday and the Haitian’s let Trump now how they felt about the Clinton’s. The former Haiti senate president excoriated the Clinton’s for stealing money for the Clinton Foundation that was suppose to go to helping poor Haitians after a massive earthquake. The senate president said, “Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!”

Hillary defrauded the people of Haiti. He spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti. A week later the embassy called him and told him that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him. He came and told him to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make him the richest man in Haiti. He told him he is a principled man and he will not sell out. He just challenged Trump to ask Hillary Clinton to publish the audit of all the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010.

She defrauded the people of Haiti

Fact-checking ‘Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight’

“I spent 4 hours with Bill Richardson to tell Bill Clinton not to invade Haiti.
A week later the embassy called me and told me that Bill Clinton has a messenger for him.

He came and told me to sign with Bill Clinton, join his movement and Clinton will make me the richest man in Haiti.

I told him he is a principled man and I will not sell out…

A week later, Clinton revoked my visa.”

“She has had countless years and her husband has had countless years to help the Haitian people. And she has slightly helped the Haitian people at great profit to herself, her family and her friends,” registered Democrat Alain Troadec said, Local 10 reports.

“Mr. Trump so concerned about America because the way America goes, it’s not in a good direction,” Sara Bernard said.

“He’s going to be president,” said Jean Fritz Altidor, who co-organized the event. “He’s going to handle that very well without the way many people may think. Maybe even without the way he himself may think.”

Haitian President exposes the Clinton foundation

”A week later, Clinton revoked my visa”

The Clinton’s have many problems these days, but the worst of them is probably the information that Charles Ortel started to release from his website and Twitter account (@charlesortel) in early May 2016. Ortel is the financial analyst who exposed General Electric’s stock as being overvalued before it took a dive in 2008. After 15 months’ examination of the public records of the Clinton Foundation entities, he finds that huge sums of money cannot be accounted for, and he believes that it is a family affair for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to harm the victims of disasters and the desperately poor throughout the planet. Educated and privileged people like the Clintons should know better, yet they preen, even now, believing we will fall for the hype manufactured by their handlers.

The true, damning facts, however, are out there for each of us to see.

There is a special revulsion against charity fraud that we did not cover in an earlier interview. We discuss this with Charles Ortel.

Hillary Surrounds herself with Celebrity followers – WAKE UP

Dady Chery: For you, this is a moral issue.

Charles Ortel: It is reprehensible to operate a supposed charity in gross violation of applicable laws and simultaneously seek adulation and the highest political office in the most powerful nation on earth. Such conduct needs to be fully exposed and then punished to set an example.

Charity, the notion of actually helping less fortunate and deserving souls, is an ancient practice prevalent in most cultures. In the United States, it happens that the poorest among us are also the most generous, if you measure their annual donations relative to their annual incomes. Much great work is done by the charitable sector and this important, generally selfless conduct, should be encouraged and admired.

That said, to corrupt a presidential charity under the glare of the publicity that surrounds celebrity followers of the Clinton Foundation is gross, indefensible conduct by educated persons who seem to have no moral compass and no shame.


DC: In your discussions of the Clinton Foundation on your website and elsewhere, Charles, you often bring up the absence of tax audits by the Clinton entities. What is the problem there?

CO: By audits, I mean detailed income statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, and footnotes that are double-checked, that is “audited,” by competent, informed and licensed accounting firms. Accounting firms understand the numerous detailed requirements that must be followed as these audits are completed. Furthermore, the management and trustees of large entities, like those of the Clintons, are required to certify that the information contained in these audits is true, accurate, and complete. This is different from the process by which the IRS might decide to audit a given tax return. All financial information provided to the IRS by charities whose revenues are above a low threshold must procure financial statements and supporting information that are audited and must make this work available to taxing authorities and to the general public.

The Clinton entities have repeatedly failed to get their financial statements properly audited. This is an ongoing abuse. I believe they got away with this probably because Lois Lerner was a key person in the IRS who oversaw tax-exempt charities, including the Clinton entities, from 2001 through 2013. She left her post in disgrace. She is alleged to have used the IRS to target conservative and Tea Party groups, and she might also have used her influence with regulators not to target charities of politically allies.

DC: A lot of funds were collected by Clinton entities for recovery from natural disasters.

”You’re the puppet” Donald Trump Blasts Hillary


Kim Kardashian West, Hillary Clinton, Kanye West

Build The Wall

What GOD Thinks of Donald Trump’s WALL?

A New Heaven and a new Earth – All Things Made New

21 Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. Then I, John,[a] saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them and be their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

The New Jerusalem

Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls filled with the seven last plagues came to me[f] and talked with me, saying, “Come, I will show you the bride, the Lamb’s wife.”[g] 10 And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy[h] Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, 11 having the glory of God. Her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, clear as crystal. 12 Also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates, and twelve angels at the gates, and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:13 three gates on the east, three gates on the north, three gates on the south, and three gates on the west.

The Glory of the New Jerusalem

14 Now the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names[i] of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. 15 And he who talked with me had a gold reed to measure the city, its gates, and its wall. 16 The city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed: twelve thousand furlongs. Its length, breadth, and height are equal. 17 Then he measured its wall: one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel. 18 The construction of its wall was of jasper; and the citywas pure gold, like clear glass. 19 The foundations of the wall of the city were adorned with all kinds of precious stones: the first foundation wasjasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald,20 the fifth sardonyx, the sixth sardius, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst. 21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

22 But I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. 23 The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it,[j] for the glory[k] of God illuminated it. The Lamb is its light. 24 And the nations of those who are saved[l] shall walk in its light, and the kings of the earth bring their glory and honor into it.[m] 25 Its gates shall not be shut at all by day (there shall be no night there). 26 And they shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it.[n] 27 But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes[o] an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

The Old Establishment Way/Clinton vs The New Way/Trump

With the U.S. presidential campaign coming to a conclusion, it’s time to take stock of Hillary Clinton/ the Global Elite Establishment Vs Donald Trump’s/ Anti-Establishment and the celebrity supporters.


CO: Shortly after leaving the White House in January 2001, Bill Clinton teamed with Rajat Gupta, then managing partner of consulting giant McKinsey, and since convicted of criminal misconduct, to, in theory, aid victims of an earthquake that struck on January 26, 2001 in Gujarat, India. Records available in the public domain for this charity, American India Foundation, show clearly that it was organized on the basis of a false and materially misleading application to the IRS, that it failed to provide compliant financial audits, and that it failed to make complete, truthful and regular filings in numerous US states where it continues to solicit donations using the mails, telephones, and digital media, in stark violation of applicable laws. Bill Clinton has served as Honorary Chairman for this entity since inception, a fact that is used prominently in fundraising campaigns. Nevertheless, his role with this illegally operated charity is not disclosed in Clinton Foundation filings with state, federal and foreign authorities.

adulterated drugs manufactured

Starting in January 2001, Bill Clinton became involved in international activities that he pursued invoking the name of the Clinton Foundation; these included disaster relief in India and fighting HIV/AIDS in many nations, including in Haiti starting in 2003. None of these international activities were validly authorized in advance by the IRS, US state governments, or foreign governments, as is legally required. Especially in the early period, Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation did not have adequate and sufficiently trained staff to exercise tight and effective controls over these international activities. As a result, it appears that substandard and even adulterated drugs manufactured by an Indian supplier then called Ranbaxy may have been distributed in numerous countries under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation

Donald Trump blasts Pope Francis and calls him ‘disgraceful’ for questioning his faith – 2016

Trump responds after the pope suggests presidential candidate is ‘not a Christian’ because of his plan to build a border wall between the US and Mexico

Trump responded swiftly at a campaign event in South Carolina, saying: “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.”

”Donald Trump has blasts the Pope Francis “disgraceful”

No leader, especially a religious leader, has the right to question another man’s religion or faith,” he told a packed room at a golf course resort. Trump then accused the Mexican government of “using the pope as a pawn”.

“They should be ashamed of themselves, especially when so many lives are involved and illegal immigration is rampant and bad for the United States.”

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight

A YouTube video mash-up of Hillary Clinton comments claims to show “Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.”  It’s been viewed more than 7 million times as of May 2016. (You can watch the video at the bottom of the story.)

But does the video get things right?

It begins with a back-and-forth between Clinton and CNN’s Anderson Cooper during the Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas in October 2015.

“You were against same-sex marriage. Now you’re for it. You defended President Obama’s immigration policies. Now you say they’re too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozen of times. You even called it the ‘gold standard.’ Now, suddenly, last week, you’re against it,” Cooper asked. “Will you say anything to get elected?”

“Well, actually, I have been very consistent. Over the course of my entire life, I have always fought for the same values and principles,” she responded. The video cuts off the rest of the sentence, “But, like most human beings — including those of us who run for office — I do absorb new information. I do look at what’s happening in the world.”

PolitiFact has documented Clinton’s shifting stances on a number of issues since 2008, including most mentioned in the video — and a few not mentioned. Our Flip-O-Meter ratings are not value judgments on changed positions, which some say demonstrate flexibility and ability to compromise and others say are born from a lack of conviction or political expediency. The video, for instance, describes them as a lie.

That being said, we wanted to provide some additional context to the video of Clinton’s statements.


On same-sex marriage

The first Clinton contradiction highlighted by the video is on same-sex marriage. PolitiFact gave Clinton a Full Flop for her stance on the issue, but there’s some nuance the video leaves out.

From 1999 to at least 2007, she continuously opposed same-sex marriage while consistently supporting civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. She also spoke on the Senate floor against a proposed federal ban on gay marriage in 2004 and said she supports states making the decision for themselves in 2006.

Clinton reversed course and announced her support for gay marriage in 2013, as the viral video accurately notes. However, the video samples a 2014 interview Clinton did with NPR’s Terry Gross in which she seems to deny her changed position.

“You’re trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I’m in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that’s just flat wrong,” Clinton is heard saying in the video, “I have a strong record. I have a great commitment to this issue.”

But that’s not all the whole story. Before the excerpted part in the video, Gross asked, “Would you say your view evolved since the ’90s or that the American public evolved, allowing you to state your real view?”

“I think I’m an American,” Clinton responded. “And I think we have all evolved, and it’s been one of the fastest, most sweeping transformations.”

On ‘core principles’

The video then segues to Clinton shifting between calling herself a progressive and a moderate. While it’s accurate and fair to charge Clinton with wearing multiple political labels, the video’s most damning evidence requires some additional context.

The video features CNN’s Cooper asking Clinton, “Just in July in New Hampshire, you told a crowd you, ‘take a backseat to none when it comes to progressive values.’ Last month in Ohio, you said you, ‘plead guilty to being kind of moderate and center.’ Do you change your political identity based on who you’re talking to? Just for the record, are you a progressive or a moderate?”

“I’m a progressive,” Clinton says in the video before it cuts out to the next topic.

Here’s her next sentence: “But I’m a progressive who likes to get things done. And I know how to find common ground, and I know how to stand my ground, and I have proved that in every position that I’ve had, even dealing with Republicans who never had a good word to say about me, honestly.”

On her emails

There are still many unknowns in the email controversy, and the FBI is currentlyconducting an investigation. Though Clinton may be able to make the case that she “complied” with the rules, experts on government transparency and records preservations have told us her actions are hard to defend. On the other hand, it’s not clear at all whether she breached national security laws.

The YouTube video includes a clip of Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina arguing with Clinton over how many emails she’s turned over to the State Department.

Clinton says she has turned over about half. Out of over 60,000 emails on her private server, Clinton and her staff deleted 31,000 emails she says were personal and released the remaining 30,940.

But the video suggests the deleted emails may not have been personal by sampling a clip of former President Bill Clinton saying he’s only ever sent two emails. But that’s taken out of context and it was a joke, one that he’s made repeatedly.

The Bill Clinton quote comes from a panel Clinton moderated for the Clinton Global Foundation in June 2015. Clinton was referring to his email practices when he was president (starting around 46:50), more than a decade before Hillary Clinton set up her email server.

On Wall Street  

Next, the video features Clinton’s ties to Wall Street. This section is a mixed bag of information in terms of accuracy.

A clip of Clinton from the 2015 Las Vegas debate saying she told Wall Street to “cut it out” in 2007 is followed by chopped up comments Clinton actually made in 2007, in which she seems to hold homebuyers, not Wall Street, responsible for the housing crisis. This gives a misleading impression.

The 2007 comments are taken from Clinton’s speech at the Nasdaq stock exchange that December. Some argue that the speech was more sympathetic to the financial sector than Clinton has suggested, and she does say homeowners and borrowers should shoulder some of the blame for the housing crisis.

But the video leaves out the part when she also names irresponsible mortgage lenders and brokers, the government and regulators, credit rating agencies, speculators and Wall Street “which not only enabled but often encouraged reckless mortgage lending.”

As PolitiFact has previously reported, Clinton called for more oversight and transparency in the financial sector in several speeches and dating back to March 2007. From then to 2008, she repeatedly suggested and introduced a bill to establish national standards and regulations for loan brokers and lenders.

The video also points out Wall Street has been contributing to Clinton’s campaign. This is accurate. PolitiFact looked into a viral image highlighting Clinton’s top 10 donors and found that five were financial firms, two were law firms that do a lot of corporate work, and two were media conglomerates.

On universal healthcare

Continuing the theme, the video then exhibits Clinton’s (somewhat hypocritical) waffling on universal health care between her 2008 campaign to her 2016 bid. This is accurate.

When she was running in 2008, Clinton aired an attack ad that said she “has the only health care plan that covers every American.” We found that she was the only candidate that year, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, with a health care mandate for everyone — in other words, universal coverage.

“Since when do Democrats attack one another over universal health care?” she said, as excerpted in the viral video.

In 2016, Clinton and her surrogates repeatedly have criticized rival Bernie Sanders for his universal health care proposal. As we’ve previously reported, Clinton saidsingle-payer “will never, ever come to pass” and now wants to build upon and defend Obama’s Affordable Care Act. And her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, received a Mostly False rating for saying Sanders would empower Republicans “to take away health insurance for low-income and middle-income working Americans.”

On Bosnia visit

Up next, the video highlights Clinton’s Pants on Fire claim that she landed “under sniper fire” when she visited Bosnia a decade earlier.

As the video aptly demonstrates, she arrived on the tarmac under no visible duress and was greeted by a child who offered her a copy of a poem.

Flying into Bosnia was dangerous in 1996 and Clinton later said she misspoke, but “it’s hard to understand how she could err on something so significant as whether she did or didn’t dodge sniper bullets,” we wrote in 2008.


Finally, the video concludes with Clinton’s flip-flop on the North American Free Trade Agreement — another accurate charge.

This is a point that Obama made in 2008, when he said that Clinton “was saying great things about NAFTA until she started running for president.”

Despite the Clinton campaign’s protests, Obama’s claim is True. Clinton publicly supported NAFTA in 1996, in her 2003 memoir Living History, and in 2004.  But as a 2008 presidential candidate, Clinton said NAFTA was a mistake.

Clinton’s free trade zigzagging is not limited to just NAFTA. During her first bid for the White House, she opposed the bilateral free trade deals with South Korea and Columbia. As secretary of state, however, she supported both.

Similarly, Clinton called the Trans-Pacific Partnership the “gold standard in trade agreements” in 2012, but opposed it in the 2016 race. We rated her position on TPP a Full Flop.




The Press Is Burying Hillary Clinton’s Sins


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