The Pope & Micheal Jackson – Heaven and Hell are Real

The Angelica Zambrano Story

The Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell and the Return of CHRIST. For a period of 23 hours, a young Ecuadorian girl named Angelica was shown the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and the Return of Christ. She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to satan. She witnessed many of our esteemed cultural icons suffering in the Pit; singers, entertainers, and even a pope. Angelica was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God’s children will NOT be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart. -aka.23 Horas Muertra This video is sure to be controversial, it has started a firestorm of discussions and argument all over South America. Now, finally translated into English…….Angelica Zambran

Hell Is Real Y’all (The Angelica Story)

Jesus showed Angelica Zambrano that hell is real and she describes what it was like. Hell is no joke. It’s time to get right with Jesus if you haven’t already before it’s too late, because soon it will be.

“Once I started breaking sales records…I broke Elvis Presley’s record, I broke the Beatles’ record – once I started doing that, overnight, they called me a freak, a homosexual, a child molester. They said I bleached my skin. They did everything they could to turn the public against me. It’s a conspiracy. I know my race. I look in the mirror, and I know that I’m black…Michael Jackson- the 9th of July – 02 New York

”But I’m here to speak for all injustice. You gotta remember something, the minute I started breaking the all-time record in record sales—I broke Elvis’s records, I broke the Beatles’ records—the minute [they] became the all-time best selling albums in the history of the Guinness Book of World Records, overnight they called me a freak, they called me a homosexual, they called me a child molester, they said I tried to bleach my skin. They did everything to try to turn the public against me”.

I’m tired of the manipulation, the press…”

I’m tired of the manipulation, the press has manipulated the truth. They’re liars. History books are a lie. You need to know this, you must know this, that all forms of popular music, from jazz to rock to hip-hop, and dance, from the jitterbug to the Charleston, are black. But go down to the corner bookstore, and you won’t see one black person on a cover. You’ll see Elvis Presley. You’ll see the Rolling Stones. But where are the real pioneers?”…Michael Jackson ”This is all a complete conspiracy, you have to know that. I know my race. I just look in the mirror, I know I’m Black. It’s time for a change. And let’s not leave this building and forget what has been said. Put it into your heart, put it into your conscious mind, and let’s do something about it. We have to! It’s been a long, long time coming and a change has got to come. So let’s hold our torches high and get the respect that we deserve. I love you. I love you. Please don’t put this in your heart today and forget it tomorrow. We will have not accomplished our purpose if that happens. This has got to stop! It’s got to stop, that’s why I’m here with the best to make sure that it stops. I love you folks. And remember: we’re all brothers and sisters, no matter what color we are.”…Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson & Satan

Michael Jackson condemned Tommy Mottola, the head of Jackson’s label Sony Music, when the artist attended the Exeter Charity fundraising event Friday – June 14 in London. Jackson, upset with Sony’s handling of his latest album Invincible called ”Tony Mottola the “DEVIL.” Jackson added that he is now a free agent, Reuters reported. “I just owe Sony one more album, it’s just a box set, really,” Jackson said to a throng of screaming fans. “So I’m leaving Sony a free agent, owning half of Sony. And I’m leaving them, and they are very angry because they never thought that this performer, myself, would out-think them.” Additionally, Jackson has teamed with attorney Johnnie Cochran and Rev. Al Sharpton whose National Action Network coalition works to help prevent artists from being exploited financially by labels. “Record companies have to start treating their artists with respect, honor, and financial justice,” Jackson said in a statement. Pop superstar Michael Jackson claims that he inwardly communicates with the flamboyant, pianist Lee Liberace who died in 1987.  Although Jackson is known for his eccentric behavior over the years, its obvious that there is definitely something different about him.  The following are quotes from various interviews he has had.

Pop superstar Michael Jackson in Hell

 To watch Angelica Zambrano full story, click here:

“I have my one secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors. That’s where I talk to Lee Liberace. His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me.”

” [Liberace] is like my guardian angel. He’s even given me permission to record his theme song “I’ll be seeing you”. Michael Jackson. Psychic News, Feb 14th. 1987.

“When I hit the stage it’s all of a sudden a magic form somewhere that comes and the spirit just hits you, and you lose control of yourself”

“It happens subliminally. It’s the music that compels me to do it. You don’t think about it, it just happens. I’m slave to the rhythm’ (1993 Oprah Winfrey interview – explaining the reason for the overt sexuality during his concerts, The Evening Star, Feb. 11, 1993, p. A10). “I wake up from dreams and go ‘Wow, put this down on paper,’ the whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face. I feel that somewhere, someplace it’s been done and I’m just a courier bringing it into the world” – Rolling Stone, Feb. 17, 1983 “When I hit the stage it’s all of a sudden a ‘magic’ from somewhere that comes and the spirit just hits you, and you just lose control of yourself” – Teen Beat: A Tribute to Michael Jackson, Summer 1984, p. 27

Pope John Paul II in Hell

Is it a crime for God to make references to current events? Has God vowed to never drop the name of a celebrity in public? Then why are viewers in such an uproar over Angelica Zambrano’s testimony, which includes sightings of Michael Jackson after his death? I think this testimony is very sad news. As a Christian, we are to love and forgive our enemies. Therefore, we shouldn’t want ANYONE to perish in Hell, especially those who have done us no wrong. And Michael Jackson, who I grew up watching on television, is no exception Now as for those who don’t think this testimony is something God would arrange, just know that God in fact described the condition of king Pharoah in Hell to the ancient world (Ezekiel 32:17-32). So why would it be unheard of to receive such updates on renown people from our time? God chases after select individuals, yes. But He’s also after the masses. So if God’s wake up call includes making an example out of well-known people like Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II or even Eddie Long, then it has a purpose.

”..not many can say they haven’t been warned.”

I can tell you one thing… not many can say they haven’t been warned about the reality of God’s judgment…distantcuzzins John Paul II being annointed by Hindu priestess with the pagan “Sign of the Tilak” allthechildrenoflight-India-Pope On Feb 2. 1986, Antipope John Paul II received on his forehead the Tilac or Tika, the red powdery paste of the Hindus: the sign of recognition of the adorers of Shiva.  This is total idolatry and apostasy. Oct. 27, 1986, Antipope John Paul II prayed with over 100 different religious leaders of various false religions, thereby repudiating the teaching of Scripture and the 2000-year teaching of the Catholic Church outlawing prayer with false religions. The entire day of prayer with the pagans, infidels, and heretics was Antipope John Paul II’s idea and they came at his invitation. During this meeting, the Dalai Lama placed a Buddhist statue on the tabernacle in the Church of St. Francis.  Among the various false religious leaders at Assisi, there were rabbis, Islamic muftis, Buddhist monks, Shintoists, assorted Protestant ministers, Animists, Jainists and others. During the meeting, a member of each false religion came forward and offered a prayer for peace. Antipope John Paul II, Angelus Address, Oct. 12, 1986: “In a few days we shall go to Assisi, representatives of the Catholic Church, of other Christian Churches and ecclesial communities, and of the great religions of the world… I issued this invitation to ‘believers of all religions.” The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the pagan Buddhist religion. He also claims to be a god. John Paul II repeatedly praised the false religion of Buddhism. The two unbelievers appeared to have been the best of friends – brothers in Antichrist. In March of 1986, John Paul II went to New Delhi, India, the place where the Hindu Mahatma Ghandi was incinerated.  John Paul II took off his shoes before this monument and stated: “Today as a pilgrim of peace, I have come here to pay homage to Mahatma Ghandi, hero of humanity.” (Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II, 1986,1) St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Thelogica, Pt. II-II, Q. 12, A. 1, Obj. 2.: “…if anyone were to… worship at the tomb of Mahomet, he would be deemed an apostate.” This teaching of St. Thomas shows us that there are apostate actions, just as there are heretical actions. The Assisi event, venerating the monument of the Hindu Ghandi, venerating the Synagogue, going to the Buddhist Temple, going to the Mosque, etc. are all actions that prove that John Paul II was an apostate.  They are all equivalent to worshipping at the tomb of Mahomet. Here we see Antipope John Paul II in the Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, Thailand, May 10, 1984.  Just prior to going to the temple, Antipope John Paul II expressed how anxious he was “to meet his holiness, the supreme patriarch [Buddhist] in the temple.”  This is apostasy, of course.  Also, a few days before going to the Buddhist Temple (in preparing to go to Korea and then to Thailand), Antipope John Paul II said the following:

Antipope John Paul II, May 6, 1984: “…the world looks to Korea with particular interest.  For the Korean people throughout history have sought, in the great ethical and religious visions of Buddhism and Confucianism, the path to renewal of self… May I address a particular greeting to the members of the Buddhist tradition as they prepare to celebrate the festivity of the Coming of the Lord Buddha?  May your rejoicing be complete and your joy fulfilled.”

Not shown in the picture above is the gigantic statue of Buddha which Antipope John Paul II bowed in front of. John Paul II meeting with Voodoo worshippers, whom he invited to come pray with him at Assisi in 1986. The Animist religion to which they belong worships the souls of ancestors, the forces of nature, and also the Devil. Antipope John Paul II assured the witch doctors, just as he assured all the pagans, infidels and idolaters at Assisi, how “great” their religion is.

Antipope John Paul II, Angelus Address, Sept. 21, 1986: “To begin with, I would like to thank all those of the Christian Churches and of the other great religions of the worldwho have accepted the invitation to go to Assisi on 27 October, for a special meeting of prayer for peace, today so fragile and threatened.” On August 8, 1985, John Paul II prayed with African Animists (witch doctors).  John Paul II recalled the meeting:

 I also prayed with a group of Animists

“Particularly noteworthy was the prayer meeting at the sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy at Lake Togo where, for the first time, I also prayed with a group of Animists.”(L’Osservatore Romano, August 26, 1985, p. 9.)

John Paul II continued with his wild program of apostasy, totally condemned by the teaching of the Catholic Church, after the Assisi event. John Paul II sponsored pagan prayer meetings at Kyoto (1987), Rome (1988), Warsaw (1989), Bari (1990), and Malta (1991), as well as numerous meetings since that time.

Here is Antipope John Paul II surrounded by an assorted group of pagans and idolaters, including one half-dressed, on Nov. 7, 1999 – at another one of his countless apostate interreligious prayer meetings. This was at his “Pan-Christian Encounter” in 1999. During these meetings, John Paul II praises them and esteems them for their false religions of the Devil. This is nothing other than a general occultism.

 ”…the gods of the false religions are devils…”

Scripture teaches that the gods of the false religions are devils (1 Cor. 10:10; Psalm 95:5).  Antipope John Paul II teaches that the false, non-Christian religions are good and that their “faith” comes from the Holy Ghost (Redemptor Hominis #6).  Here, at Assisi 2002, the apostate Novus Ordo “Franciscans” hand lamps to the various false religious leaders, including Christ-denying Jews, Muslims, etc.  This is very symbolic: this is the light of man without God; this is the light of peace without Christ; this is the light of Lucifer – and Antipope John Paul II was the one spreading it.  Those who follow the Vatican II religion are embracing this satanic syncretism and apostasy. On Jan. 24, 2002, Antipope John Paul II held another pagan prayer meeting in the city of Assisi Italy – a repeat of the abominable event that took place in 1986.  During the prayer meeting, a representative of every false religion involved was allowed to come to the pulpit and give a sermon on world peace.  In the presence of Antipope John Paul II a Voodoo high priest came to the pulpit outside the Basilica of St. Francis and gave the Voodoo prescription for world peace. (Voodoo, remember, is Satanism).  So, by Antipope John Paul II’sarrangement, from a pulpit outside the historic Basilica of St. Francis, a Satanist was allowed to give a sermon and provide his prescription for world peace.   This would involve slitting the throats of goats, chickens, doves and pigeons, and draining their blood from their arteries. After the Jew, the Buddhist, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Voodoo Witch doctor and the rest were finished preaching, the various false religious leaders broke up into different rooms to pray to their false gods.  Above we see the actual arrangement of rooms that Antipope John Paul II gave to the various pagans and idolaters.  Antipope John Paul II had it arranged in advance that each religious group was given a separate room in which to worship the Devil.  All of the crucifixes were removed, and the crucifixes which could not be removed were covered. Antipope John Paul II made sure that the infidels and pagans saw no sign of Jesus Christ.  The Muslims needed a room which faced East toward Mecca, and it was given to them.  The Zoroastrians needed a room with a window – so that the smoke from the wood chips that they burned to the devil could exit through it – and it was given to them.  The Jews wanted a room that had never before been blessed – in other words, a room that had never been blessed in the name of Jesus Christ – and Antipope John Paul II provided them with one.  Greater abomination, blasphemy and rejection of the true God almost cannot be imagined…by mostholyfamilymonastery

The Musically Enlightened ones

The music industry is deeply connected to Hollywood, used by the Illuminati or “the enlightened ones” to be big mind-control centers; influencing many in ways that fit their goals.  The first part of this article was an introduction on how it all began; in our previous edition the focus was on the price of fame with a few examples of the most prominent female artistes who are puppets of the Illuminati.  In this edition, the focus is on the most prominent male artistes and their connection to the dark realm.  Due to space constraints, one may not be able to mention all the artistes involved, so the decision is to give examples of the most prominent artistes. While he was still alive, and I say this with respect – Micheal Jackson reluctantly admitted to being deeply involved in the occult.  Known as the “king of pop,” Michael was believed by some to be carrying “the most powerful Nephilim the music industry has ever seen.”  Aleister Crowley in the book “777 and other Qabalistic writings of Aleister Crowley” talked about having a room of mirrors and wrote that if one looked into a mirror, there were ways to channel spirits of those gone before him/her.  Michael Jackson had his own special room with all the walls full of mirrors.  He claimed that he was in communication with the flamboyant gay pianist Lee Liberace who died in 1987.  In his own words, Jackson said, “I have my own secret room; with a moving wall and mirrors…that’s where I talk to Lee.  His is the voice I hear in there.  I feel his presence so very close to me.” He added that Liberace was like his guardian angel, and had given him permission to record his theme song, I’ll be seeing you.

Michael would channel Morpheus 

Craig Lewis believes that the mirrors were one way Jackson got his songs.  The other ways included “the giving tree” and through dreams. Craig Lewis of Ex-ministries believes that it is through one of these ways that Michael passed on.  In the famous Living with Michael Jackson interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson said he wrote songs by composing lyrics and not the music, because the music “would write itself.”  He also confessed that he had a special tree, called “the giving tree” which he would climb and receive inspiration for his songs. The third way was through dreams.  Michael said his best songs came through dreams.  Craig Lewis says, “Michael would channel Morpheus who was known as the ‘god of dreams.’  He would as well channel the spirits of Hypnose ‘god of sleep’ and Vanatose ‘god of death’ allthechildrenoflight-michael-jacksonObviously, this was dangerous, as Jackson would end up sleeping three to four days at a time…because he was trying to get hit songs.  Michael needed to sleep, so they begun to sedate him heavily so that he would sleep the amount of time he needed to sleep and thereby get his songs.  Sedatives are addictive, and with Michael’s aging body, increasing doses became fatal, resulting in the singer’s death.  In two albums Michael Jackson released, one can see deep connections to the occult.  In the History album, Michael Jackson built a statue of himself, like King Nebuchadnezzer had done in the past. The statue had engraved on its right arm 777, a reminder of Aleister Crowley’s book Qabbalistic writings and the advice to “channel Nephilim spirits for fame… getting songs from the devil.”  TheDangerous album cover is full of voodoo and witchcraft, a display of Michael’s involvement in the occult.

Some of the images contained in it include an upside-down world, a river full of skulls and bones, an image of Aleister Crowley (foremost Satanist who believed in satanic ritual abuse and believed in getting Nephilim spirits from young innocent children). An interesting image on the left part of the album cover shows Michael’s hand and standing on his hand is a small naked child holding a dragon skull.  The imagery used by Jackson is too obvious to discount as coincidental.

Jay-Z the head-Nephilim

Shawn Corey Carter, born December 1969 is better known by his stage name, Jay-Z.  He is one of the most financially successful hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in America.  He co-owns the 40/40 Club, and is also the creator of the clothing line Rocawear.  Craig Lewis describes Jay-Z as the “head-Nephilim” adding that he has the chief Nephilim spirit.  Jay-Z in recent times has become increasingly bold in his music, openly making astounding declarations. In his clothing line Rocawear he has a t-shirt called, “Return of the god,” and as a headline “Do what thou wilt.”  “Do what thou wilt,” is the official dictum of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) and of its reformer, occultist Aleister Crowley.  In Jay-Z’s Grey Album, which is in fact a mix of the Beatles ‘White Album’ and Jay-Z’s own ‘BlackAlbum’; when played in reverse, one hears subliminal messages, Jay-Z says, “666” and “murder, murder Jesus.”  In the song, “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z gives a description of New York City, then out of the blue he suddenly raps, “Hail Mary to the city, you’re a virgin and Jesus can’t save you…life starts when the church ends…” allthechildenoflight-jayz In his video, On to the next one, Jay-Z stands in front of some lights, making it appear like he has a halo around his head.  The halo according to the Vigilant Citizen is used in iconic imagery to identify holy or sacred figures.  Given the dark occult theme of the video and references to Baphomet (used by the Church of Satan), the halo here takes on a sinister meaning.  Jay-Z who refers to himself as “HOV” or “Jay-Hova” (a reference to Jehovah) may be sending the message that he is a god in a ‘LeVeyan Satanism’ kind of way.  Not only so but in concerts he normally urges his audience to make demonic hand signals of the pyramid, while chanting “hova! hova!”  “Hova” refers to what Jay-Z calls his “god-name”, as in “Jay-hova,” “H to the izzo and V to the izzey.” Lewis believes that Jay-Z refers to himself as god, because people are worshipping him, because an old nephilim spirit is using his body. Lil Wayne says he has four tattoo tears on his face, and confesses that when he was getting his first one, his mother asked him to let her know how it looks so that she would get one herself.  He says he doesn’t lie to his mother but at that point he had to lie, because he knows that tattoo tears have a meaning.  In an audio interview with Ozone Magazine he states that he will kill, whether it is a family, or children or even newborns, and that he doesn’t give a ….”  He then boldly adds that, “he will never go to hell because he is going to take over.”  A tattoo tear symbolically means that the wearer has murdered someone, and in the audio interview Lil Wayne implies just that.  Lil Wayne is one of the world’s “most influential rappers.”

Kanye West- if the Bible were written again, he Would..

Kanye West states that if the Bible were written again, he would be in it, because he is one of the most important people in pop-culture today.  He adds that “hip-hop is a religion to a certain extent and the rappers are the preachers, music is the scriptures.”  He says that every concert is like church but one puzzling question people will ask is, “Whom are they worshipping?” 

The Spirit Of John Lennon

Paul McCartney believes he has felt the ghost of John Lennon. Apparently he sensed the spirit of Lennon while recording the song, “Free As A Bird” in 1995. “There were a lot of strange goings-on in the studio – noises that shouldn’t have been there and equipment doing all manner of weird things. There was just an overall feeling that John was around.”

Presence Of Michael Hutchence

Kylie Minogue is convinced the ghost of Michael Hutchence watches over her. ‘Michael is still around, I’m certain of that,’ she insists. ‘People might think I’m mad, but I feel his presence. It’s very personal. He checks in with me and I feel him just when I need him most.’

Beyonce renames herself ‘Sasha Fierce’

The R&B singer has christened herself “Sasha Fierce” for her double album, “I Am … Sasha Fierce.”allthechildrenoflight-sasha-fierce-in-elle
“I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am,” said the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman.
“Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage.”

“I killed off Sasha Fierce. I don’t need her anymore. I am Sasha Fierce. I’m much more interested in showing people the sensitive, the passionate, the compassionate person that I am. More so than Sasha Fierce. Being an icon is my dream. It is the ultimate compliment and it has a lot of responsibilities. I take it very seriously,” Beyonce told “Dazed and Confused Magazine Within the media, they have targeted the youth.  Today’s pop music is filled with symbols and messages aimed to shape and mold today’s youth.  In use is occult symbolism, but as well other parts in music videos such as transhumanism and the introduction of a police state.  The music videos are so openly blatant that one wonders whether contemporary popular artistes like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z or even Kanye West know what they are doing.  For fame, money and a good life; musicians and actors have actually sold their souls and sometimes lost their lives in the process. They infiltrated the corridors of power via groups like the Freemasons, starting revolutions and toppling kingdoms. They gained control of the international banking system, allowing them to covertly rule the world.

Sold Out Quotes, speak of the Devil

“This is the mark of the beast, coming through your stereo. Lord have mercy on my soul, the sinning life won’t let me go. ‘Cause everyone I know, has been accepted to hell, where’s my full ride.” – 2*sweet Search And Destroy “Sold my soul, from heaven into hell.” – 30 Seconds to Mars “Sell his soul for cheap. Let’s make a deal, sell me your soul. Designer of the devil.” – 50 Cent “I sold my soul to the devil in L.A. He said ‘sign your name here on the dotted line and your songs they all will play.’” – Aaron Lewis

Trim Yourself To Fit The World

“Some sell their soul for the easy road. The devil’s always buying. I can’t count the ones I’ve known who fell right into line.” – Aaron Tippin “‘I sold my soul to the devil.” – Abi Titmuss “I’m just a demon that means well. Freelance for God, but do the work of Satan.” – Ab-Soul “Hey Satan, pay my dues. I’m gonna take you to hell, I’m gonna get ya Satan.” – AC/DC “Glory to thee almighty Satan. We praise thee.” – Acheron “Throw your soul through every open door. Count your blessings to find what you look for. Rolling in the deep.” – Adele “It’s done, there is no turning back. I’ve made my choice, now I’ve gotta face the facts. An emptiness wells inside of me. There’s no filling, the void that will always be. Devil.” – AFI “It’s devil’s deal. Satan, you know.” – Agathodaimon “How’d you ever get the devil to dance.” – A.J. Roach

There’s plenty of money to be had..

“There’s plenty of money to be had. But you also lose your soul.” – Alan Alda “And tempt the soul of any man. Between the devil and me. The gates of hell swing open.” – Alan Jackson “Thank you Luci-fer for guiding me.” – Alicia Keys “Dr. Dre told me he sold his soul to the devil for a million bucks.” – Alonzo Williams

“The dark covers me and I cannot run now.”

 – Amy Winehouse

allthechildrenoflight-AMY “You say you want it all. It was the look of the devil thats gonna send me to hell. I’m in the fast lane with no brakes. The lost soul. Conversation with the devil.” – Andre Nickatina “I sold my soul.” – Andrew W.K. “He said I am the devil. He offered me the universe. Some call love a curse, some call love a thief (Satan). I’ll taste the devil’s tears. Drink from his soul.” – Angus & Julia Stone “Fall for me and wait forever. The devil will come.” – Anna Calvi “Demons posted all around me, I can’t beat ‘em all alone.” – ASAP Rocky “But when it comes time to decide your fate, they’ll sign you on the line right next to Satan. Cause’ they don’t care about us. They just use us up.” – Asher Roth “I sold my soul to the devil. I’d like to thank the devil.” – Aubrey Plaza “Lucifer. Satan’s coming after you. Dancing with the devil.” – Avalon “Deal with the devil, he’s holding my fate. Stuck on the darkside. The deal is done.” – Backtrack “Dance with the devil.  I want ya, yes I do.” – Bad Company “See God gave us the talent, but the devil make us famous.” – Barry Sanders “Can’t no preacher, man save my soul. Did that full moon force my hand? (signing the contract) Or that un marked hundred grand? Please forgive me father. Devil gonna follow me everywhere I go.” – Barton Hollow “I sold my soul to the devil for seven wishes.” – Bedazzled movie

Satan is my master. He has always been

“Satan is my master. He has always been.” – Ben Folds Five “Sold my soul. Bought these devil chains.” – Bette Midler “To hell with the devil, I’m selling my soul to you.” – Bianco Jim “The women and the wine. But I finally hit bottom in an alley way. Hell wasn’t but a breath away. So I hit my knee’s in the street and begged god for mercy. Last night I told the devil where to go. You know heaven’s got my soul. Ain’t gonna listen to his lies no more. Well I was way to lost in a sinner’s haze. Burning up the days just another young man who had lost his way. Now it finally makes sense what the preacher said. When he said son, you don’t wanna wake up dead and find yourself alone in the fires of hell. Now when you hear that demon knocking at your door, you just tell him you don’t want his kind ‘round here no more. ‘Cause if you wanna love, if you wanna live, If you wanna be free, you can’t forget and forgive. You gotta kick him in the teeth and do exactly do exactly what I did.” – Big & Rich

“I wanna go to hell.” – Biggie

“Bout to inhale like I’m finnin to see Satan.” – Big Sean “I’m rollin’ with Satan, not Jesus Christ. I’m the only son of the devil.” – Big L “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Bill Kelliher “My family is under attack by Satan, I’m scared for daughter Miley.” – Billy Ray Cyrus on Miley Cyrus “As I get closer, my dreams get farther. I climb that ladder, but you kick it over. Thirsty for water, you give me vinegar. When I drink your medicine, it just makes me sicker. I dug a hole so deep. I’m gonna drown in my mistakes. Even sell my soul. I got the devil on my shoulder and I just can’t sink any lower. The hounds of hell are getting closer.” – Billy Talent “I’m half crazy but I know the devil real. I should know, I signed a record deal.” – Bishop Lamont “Prayin to Satan. Satan done got me.” – Bizarre “I’m paying the price now for selling my soul.” – Black Sabbath “I have made my bed and now it is time to lie down. Dark clown, eternal with a permanent wry frown. Better the devil you know.” – Blackstar Rising

“I met the devil and I sold my soul.” – Bloodsimple

“I made a bargain with him, the chief in a world we can’t see. (devil)” – Bob Dylan “Sinner man, where you gonna run to? You run to the devil. The devil was waiting. You’re saying prayers to the devils. So they build their world in great confusion. To force on us the devil’s illusion. Everywhere this fire is burning, Destroying and melting their gold, and wasting their souls. Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, just don’t lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold.” – Bob Marley “The devil took me by hand.” – Bon Jovi “He went solo, sold his soul to the devil.” – Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E “Want me to sell my soul.” – Bow Wow “I could really try new things. That was Satanism, it works really well, I made a pact.” – Brad Pitt “He ain’t made of flesh and bone. He’s the one who sits up close behind you. He’s at your door just let him in. ”Every man is evil. Unashamed of the wicked tongue. If I was Cain.” – Brandy Bones “All your empty lies, I won’t stay long In this world so wrong. As we dance with the devil tonight. Stealing the life of mine.” – Breaking Benjamin “We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music.” – Brian Wilson

I’m a slave for you. Dancing in the dark…

“I’m a slave for you. Dancing in the dark. I took a sip from my devil’s cup. Slowly It’s taking over me. Satan’s our lord.” – Britney Spears allthechildrenoflight-britneySpears “Out on the corner with cast iron blood. Ten thousand or more with hearts on the run. They say I might die and I may be cold. I may have no Jesus, I may have no soul. But the devil’s a waiting. I’ve seen the battle and I’ve seen the war. And the life out here is the life I’ve been sold.” – B.R.M.C. “When I was a little girl, I had desires like you. One of everything, all the riches. How could I help myself? I was so naïve. Now that I have everything I’m a puppet on a string. Someone’s got the end and I’m unraveling. And here’s the thing: I would throw it all away. First I wished for money. Careful what you wish for, careful what you do. Careful what you dream, ’cause it just might come true someday.” – Brooke Jonatha “I wake in sweat You’ve come to steal my life away. Burning all the light. I sense your mastery. Are you the truth to sit in judgement on my sins? Evil laser gadgets come to penetrate my skin. The hanging judge is open. And I’m damned before his eyes. Another genesis has failed, and many more have tried. We’re the soul intruders. In the blue-eyed beyond, there is nowhere to hide, there’s no going back now. I believe you and me. I believe evil.” – Bruce Dickinson “Dancing in the dark. Does fortune wait or just the black hand of fate, It’ll take your God filled soul. Fill it with devils.” – Bruce Springsteen “Many have tried to go into the night. But that’s the price we pay when we living on the other side. Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you’re from. I’ve been locked out of heaven.” – Bruno Mars “He said; my name is the devil, and you owe me your soul. One strike of evil, one deal with the devil. Now greet hell with your soul.” – Bullet “I never knew that I would see the day that I would meet the devil himself.” – Busta Rhymes “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Cage ‎”I trade my soul for a wish. Pennies and dimes for a kiss.I wasn’t looking for this, But now you’re in my way.” – Carly Rae Jepsen “Leaning up against the record machine, He’s the devil in disguise. A snake with blue eyes. And he only comes out at night.” – Carrie Underwood “I sold my soul, only to the devil, and he wants it, you know.” – Casey Bill Weldon “I called out to God, but the devil keeps answering.” – Cee-Lo Green “You don’t think of the devil who’s inside.” – Celine Dion “The devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He was willing to make a deal. ’Cause hell’s broke loose and the devil deals the cards. The devil gets your soul.” – Charlie Daniels “Was the devil with a twinkle in his eye, ‘Well God’s not around and look what I’ve found, this one’s mine.’ That train is dead on time, many souls are on the line. Well the railwayman, he cut the cards. He dealt them each a hand of five, the devil he had three aces and a king, And the Lord, he was running for a straight. The Lord and the devil are now playing chess, The devil still cheats and wins more souls, And as for the Lord, well, he’s just doing his best.” – Chris de Burgh “She’s a fallen angel (Lucifer), waitin’ for me to love her.” – Chris Brown “Talkin’ ‘bout a deal with the devil. I said about sellin’ your soul. I’m staring out into the night, trying to hide the pain. I’m going to the place where love, and feeling good don’t ever cost a thing. I’m not running from, no, I think you got me all wrong. I don’t regret this life I chose for me. Be careful what you wish for ‘cause you just might get it all.” – Chris Daughtry “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Chris Palko “Given Satan himself this free promotion.” – Chris Webby

“So now the devil’s in my soul.” – Christina Aguilera

allthechildrenoflight Christina-Aguilera-Bionic “I lie awake at night daydreaming of you. You lie awake at night, planning your next move. We keep playing games with each other, someone’s gonna lose. I’m playing games with the angels, I’ve been selling my soul to the devil.” – Christina Gomes “Hey, be careful about the kind of music you listen to. Because there’s so many evil forces out there that whisper evil ideas into your ears that can make you insane about fortune and fame. Don’t sell your soul to the devil. The feeling of Satan sitting on my chest, suffocating my breath, the opposite of God bless. I’m trying to make it to the top. The devil is right behind me.” – Claude Baus “Be careful what you wish for. Behind the curtains, the devil and his pitch fork.” – Clipse “Steal the soul for a second chance. My chosen torture. Stepping forth a cure for soul’s demise. Of a demon as I put it under. Lifeless corpse. The devil’s cry.” – Coal Chamber “Where do your demons come from? Devil is walking around us. I feel that he’s watching. How could I think I’d resist my furious fate?” – Coma “The devil is a friend of mine.” – Cosmo Jarvis “The day the deal went down, I heard the sound of a hellbound. I sold my soul, signed it on the dotted line, and it was easy. Found of the legends of the crossroads.” – Danko Jones “I have heart of the devil. I’m evil, and love is gone.” – Danzig “To offer you a contract. You will rather sell your soul to Satan.” – Dark Shadows movie “Cause’ I sign a deal with the devil.” – David Banner

“Rock’s always been the devil’s music.” – David Bowie

allthechildrenoflight-bowieBowie“Tired faces scream from their bright magazines. Got their fingernails clamped to the page, With a look of the born to be painfully ordinary gods of a desperate age. ‘But in secret and you won’t get a choice.’ So to hell with the world, I still love you my girl (Lucifer.) You’’ve been crazy to stay by my side. But you can dance better with the devil you know. There’s a light, there’s a right, tonight isn’’t as dark as it seems. So when victory comes at too heavy a price, well, there’s honor in choosing defeat.” – David Ford “I sell my soul to the devil” – David Hutto “So why sign your name in blood for more? It seemed like a sensible arrangement for me.” – David Knopfler “I set fire to a way of living. I put down the bible for a lady. Don’t let her turn your temperance away from the simple and sound. Or she will damn you darkly down. Taking souls under the spell of the shine. Now you can drink the firewater from the devil’s woods.” – David Lamb “By the devil I was tempted. I felt so rejected. I didn’t wanna go astray. The demon, I have faced it. I hope I’ll be forgiven, for all my bad livin’.” – David Soul “A devil in your head too, but you are not alone. Devils Parade.” – D’espairsray “I got a dark soul. Dancing in the dark.” – Dev “I know ya soul by soul hanging on the edge of rock n’ roll. But I am afraid he wants me to take your place. ‘Cause I have been to bad of a side.” – Devil Doll “I once thought that I would know the time just to give it up. You’re letting go the best thing you have. But you don’t hold on. You couldn’t change how the morals fail. You couldn’t change how we fall. A hundred souls tonight. Eternal hell will rise.” – Devil Sold His Soul “I went to..and I want it. Nobody can this understand. No one can wait to go, go down in flames. She’s so hot, she’s so wild (Lucifer). Before I realized, my soul, I’m lying down. ‘Come up and give me the soul. Surrender my soul, behind the closed door, yeah In the room 66/64.’ The devil knock your door, sweet demon. No one can save me now, me and my soul. I sold my soul. I lose my game, lose the blame. Now I’m a man without a soul.” – Devil’s Train “You have returned to the torture-chambers. Death and terror rules the soul. We have been spellbound by the devil.” – Dimmu Borgir

“I sold my soul, cold as ice.” – Dissection

“I have sold my soul and now the devil’s laughing.” – Disturbed “When its my turn to march up to old glory, I’m gonna have one hell of a story. I’ll fly away on a sin wagon.” – Dixie Chicks “The battles no longer physical, it’s from within. But you can’t win for losing, what sides are you choosing? Possess the manifest that’s heaven sent. No nonsense because my conscience wouldn’t be content. But just a little wealth, a little fame. To be a commodity on somebody’s record label. Devil.” – DJ Muggs “Speaking of the devil, well here he comes now. Got my defenses down. And I’d go through hell to make him mine.” – Dolly Parton “No angel born in hell. Could break that Satan’s spell. I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died.” – Don McLean “Devil came to me and he said: I know what you need. You will burn in hell.” – Dover “If you sell your soul to the devil, you get more grain.” – Drake “I sold my soul to the devil. It’s cold on this level. This is hell, go get the devil and get me the key but can’t be worst than the curse that was given to me. It’s what I live for, you take away that and I’m gone. New artists to sell they souls.” – DMX “I need a heart of gold, a little rock n’ roll. I felt this world turn cold. Cold hearted lover.” – Doro “Dre, soul assassins got potential buttons activated. No illusion, I have you caught. Executive decisions from the puppet masters.” – Dr.Dre “The devil prays on runaways, he’s never far behind. The many years I’ve tried now have been revealed to me.” – Eagles “I sold my soul.” – Eagles of Death Metal “Everybody call her angel. She’s no stranger to the devil. His mark is on her body. His fire’s burnin’ in her soul. She’s the devil I know.  Yeah, the devil sent her here. To deliver my body and soul.” – Earle Steve “Dancing with the devil.” – Earl Sweatshirt “Get thee behind me Satan, and push me along. I’m kin to the devil.” – Eazy-E “I sold my soul and then time takes its toll, forever I stay damned.” – Edge of Sanity “It cost me my soul out of control in a devil’s world. I sold my soul.” – E.D.I. “My soul is to sell. The dark is too hard to beat ‘cause they’re calling me.” – Ellie Goulding “You sold your soul at the crossroads, Kept a little of mine on hand, I’m wading out this muddy water. Been stranded in the Wasteland” – Elton John

“Because I’m evil.” – Elvis Presley


“Sin, love and the devil. Your love in my soul.” – Embraze “My life’s a circus-circus rounding circlesI’m selling out tonight” – Emeli Sandé “I’m trapped, so all I do is rap, but everytime I rap I’m more trapped. If I could go back, I never woulda rapped. So be careful what you wish for ‘cause you just might get it. It’s too late for the other side. I sold my soul to the devil. I’m going to hell. There’s no one on earth that can save me. I’m headed to hell. It’s the evil that made me Shady. I want the money, the women, the fortune, and the fame. That means I’ll end up burning in hell scorching in flames. Satan’ll be in to see me later to see if I’m interested in being partners. You sold your soul to me (Satan) need i remind you? You remember that night you, prayed to god you’d give anything to get a record deal? ‘Cause I possess your soul, your mind, your heart and your body. Devil worshippin’, Satan music. Call it evil that men do, Lord forgive me for what my pen do. ‘This is for your sins, I cleanse you. You can repent but I warn you, if you continue, to hell I’ll send you’, and I said I’m as cold as the cold wind blows. How long will I be this way? Shady until my dying day. Money turned me to Satan. The dark shall emerge from the fiery depths of hell, and swallow the shadows of all who are willing to sell their souls.” – Eminem “Salvation won’t be rearing it’s head. Calling as we level and when were falling. I’m like this with the devil.” – Entombed “I got caught, just like a prisoner. While I rock with you, you devil, yeah. Slip inside a different world. Must be heaven but who can tell. Maybe just a sweet way to go to hell.” – Europe “I’ve come to believe my souls on the other side. Without a soul. Save me from the dark. I sold my soul. Don’t try to fix me.” – Evanescence “The devil creep around you. Your soul is sold.” – Faithless “From the depths of hell, so far I fell. A deal made with the devil. I sold my soul. I let my demons take control.” – Falling in Reverse “A contract with the devil for a life of disdain. I sold my soul.” – Fear FactOut Boory “But once you change your name, well the pieces fall. Hollywood’s not America. You could make a million dollars, but you might lose yourself.” – Ferras “The devil comes and soon my subconscious and conscious might start to brawl. As this cunning demon takes me as its voodoo doll.” – Fergie “Seven Devils. And to take your soul. I’m damned so here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road. And I’m ready to suffer, found the devil in me.” – Florence and the Machine “Are they allowed to keep their soul? How do they get so successful?” – Food Inc movie “Send my soul on to the devil, you know my love was true.” – Frankie Lee Sims “I’m the devil’s advocate. We have our own worshipers.” – Frank Zappa

“The devil want my soul.” – French Montana

“I sold my soul for this.” – Fun. “A vision appears. It’s such a demonly form. By the fact that I’m trapped by curse of the devil has chosen. The spirit is bigger that life and larger than death. Waitin’ for Satan to show. Will he just come and collect elements from my body and soul? The devil got high, and we sat and talked about life. And I asked him was hell any fun. He told me it would be. He spoke about so many things that sounded like a lie. And he jumped in my spirit. He captured me just like a slave. But that’s what I get for thinking I could sit with the devil. ‘You stupid mother fucker. You’re gonna burn.’ And I watched as he sacrificed so many souls of the living. The devil’s a serpent. Inside me, I feel him.” – Gangsta Pat “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Gare Du Nord “Hello Satan, I believe it’s time to go. Me and the devil Walking side by side.” – Gil Scott-Heron “It’s a vocal point to express my Satanism.” – Glen Benton “Sworn to rock ‘n’ roll. Through thick and thin. Hellraiser. Hey, Mr. devil, we’ve got some wicked souls on sale.” – Gun Barrel “I graduated into the occult.” – Hall & Oats “He has all the power of darkness and night making you believe that evil’s all right. He can make you burn. Sell your soul for gold. Run with the devil. Offering you a life of glory and gold to hell. I know you’re sold. Take him to your heart and you’ll lose your soul. it’s tearing you apart, taking all control. Dreaming of a lie. All you get is fear agony and pain. Your end is very near.” – Hammerfall “And I flirted with the devil and he dealt me a card. He told me that you will never win. So I sold my soul to the devil. I never thought it could be this bad. And I got the devil takin’ me away ” – Hank Williams III “Now the devil, he played with golden fingers. And you listened to his tunes from hell. Johnny sold his soul to the devil down below. Up came the devil and he spoke to Johnny. You’ll play hot, you’ll play well, as the fires from hell. But your soul will be at my command.” – Hans Theessink “I’ve been dealing with the devil.” – Hawkwind “Satan, I love.” – Hayley Williams “For the torture, make sure they remember me. Blessed is the fruit you know how the hymn goes. No repent for sins of the past, yeah Imma make it last. Or is it hell, who can tell. My soul the Lord will take, but if I should wake still alive, I know the devil may cry.” – Heartless “The devil had spoke, said, you wanna be somebody, sign on the line. I sold my soul.” – Hellyeah “They say that he’s lost his light and his pure soul. That this dark world turned his heart cold. He claimed that the devil help me create the master’s piece. They say the devil’s in the beat, tone, in my rhymes. I hear the screams of people saying he’s gotta be Illuminati. Evil probably harvesting, his artistry possessed kept under and evil. Like he can only be kept under the steeple ‘cause in his eyes all I see is Satan. A beast that’s raging. As Judas know the trees fruit is always where the proof is. I hear the devil.” – High Society “The devil comes to bring a fate you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dream.” – Hilary Duff “What do you do to gut their souls? I was granted an audience in the devils maze. I could earn myself a seat that was right by him. ‘Cause everyday a million souls just fly right in. He could barely keep up with the souls of all the people. He said ‘Too many people want to burn with me. So you can tell I’m getting close to my goal, of creating a world where I can torture every soul.’”- Hilltop Hoods “Met the devil, made a deal for it.” – Hollywood Undead “Give up everything for the chance. Devil sold his soul.” – Hope “Satan had us, organized his own religion.” – Hotel California

“You are the prince of darkness. Hell born, demonic.”

– Ice Cube


“I walk the earth just as they planned. Baptized in fire. The coming curse, your anti-Christ, I will destroy mankind. Born of the beast and flames I will devour.” – Iced Earth “Conceived from hades fire, to catch to kill to quench. He’ll impose his will..on you. A voice screams deep inside my skull, ‘Welcome. Your fate will now begin.’ Dr. Jack, your soul is so black, a spawn from the devil’s lair. Hall of desire.” – Imagika “When the days are cold, and the cards all fold, look into my eyes. It’s where my demons hide. It’s dark inside. When the curtain’s call, is the last of all. When the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl . I am hell bound. So this is what you meant, when you said that you were spent. And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit. So this is where you fell (Lucifer). And I am left to sail. The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.” – Imagine Dragons “Beware of the devil. The devil looked into my eyes when I was seventeen. He said, ‘I’ll give you all the world if you will follow me.’ He dealt the cards, I drew the king, with this he was not pleased . And then he raised the stakes when he said to me: ‘I am the devil. I am the dealer, I’ve come for your soul. Lay down your cards and I’ll take control. Fate will decide.’” – Impellitteri “We gave it a soul. We’ll end up in hell. This is the devil’s revelation.” – Impious “I give you all my soul. I’m in love with the devil. You make me feel like I’m special. ‘Till I realize you’re no angel. I feel so caught now under your sway. Can I feel secure in your gaze? I’m always afraid. Why can’t I walk away? The feelings are too strong, that I can’t deny, I love walking in the danger zone.” – Irma “Sold my soul.” – Iron & Wine “Speak of the devil. The devil appears. Waiting for some one. Like watching a flame.” – Isaak Chris “But if we’re hellbound, whatever, let’s go down.” – J. Black “Sold my soul to Satan. I’ve been dancing with the devil. So when you get to hell you can say you know me. I’m easily attracted by the dark side. Devil keep following. For that fortune, some sold their soul to Satan.” – J. Cole “I love Satan. Satan sells tickets.” – Jack Black “Satan is around y’all. Devil on your shoulder. All these niggas is corn, sworn in secret societies, devils with no horn.” – Jadakiss

“Love the devil.” – Ja Rule

allthechildrenoflight-ja-rule-pain-is-love “Lookin at me like I’m Lucifer, cause he know I will deal with his case. Gon’ try and fit in with the Devil, I am on another seat” – Jason D. Harrow “See them demons and them omens staring at you, mind control, they want your soul. If he don’t see a dollar, somebody visiting Satan” – Jay Rock “Never prayed to God, I prayed to Gotti, that’s right it’s wicked, that’s life I live it. Ain’t askin’ for forgiveness for my sins. I gotta get my soul right, I gotta get these Devils out my life. Lord forgive him, He got them dark forces in. connected to the high power.” – Jay-Z “I have the devil in me.” – Jerry Lee Lewis “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Jesse Malin “So you bargain with the devil. There ain’t nothing for free.” – Jewel “I sold my soul.”  – Jill Sobule “To hell with the devil. I’m selling my soul to you.” – Jim Bianco “There ain’t no bibles in Hollywood. Cause we don’t have time to read.” – Jaime M “I met the spirit of Music, an appearance of the devil. I saw Satan.” – Jim Morrison “I made a deal with the devil for a whole lot of money.” – Jimmy Buffett “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies. I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved. The thief (Satan) does not come, except to steal (souls), and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” – John 8:44, 10 “This life is killing me. This total insanity. The best I can say to you is to follow that dream until the hand of the devil will lead you away. Raising the devil. Death to the soul. Power behold raising the devil for the soul that he stole. I crashed down onto my knees and sold soul to hold the keys. Will come back to haunt you again in the end?” – John Sykes “I was born in the soul of misery. I’ve broken reach from here to hell. Working in the dark.” – Johnny Cash

“I’ve sold my soul to the devil.” – John Lennon

allthechildrenoflight-John-Lennon-Imagine “So you signed your name on the line, don’t read the fine print. Gave the world, but your wings, you lost them. (Lucifer) Don’t sell your soul to have what someone had yesterday. And just like that a star is born. I’m attracted to his glitz and his glamour. And once you get a taste of his poison, you’ll get all wrapped up in his lies. I only know him in the dark. Never took this road before. Yeah, I know that it’s wrong, I do.” – JoJo “I speak for Satan, Satan, Satan. My sweet forsaken Satan, Satan.” – Jonas Brothers “Done a deal with the devil.” – Judas Priest “I had sold my soul for pleasure.” – Judy Collins “Satan is my master Satan, I love you.” – Justin Timberlake “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Kanye West “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Kathy Griffin

“I sold my soul to the devil.” – Katy Perry

allthechildrenoflight-katy perry “I met the evil devil and he offered me a ride. Pay me the soul.” – Katzenjammer “I made a deal. I sold my soul.” – Kelsey Montanez “Them demons got me. Dear Lord save me! the Devil’s working hard.” –  Kendrick Lamar “I’ve been selling myself to the devil. He forces himself on me. He won’t let me go. ‘Yeah you wanna play my game?’ He won’t fade away. He’s got my soul to keep.” – Ken Lloyd “I put my name on the line for love. Death is in love with me. Entirely and eternally, I will be yours.” – Kerli “I wish I know that right from the start, that I was dancing with the dark.” – Ke$ha “The devil tryna rip out my soul. Lost my soul. I’ll see you in hell.” – Kid Cudi “I’m down with the devil. Tryin’ to fight these demons. Dancin’ with the devil’s rock n roll. I’ve paid the price.” – Kid Rock “Sold my soul to the devil, made a profit.” – Kevin Rudolf “I believe in the devil as much as God. You can use either one to get things done.” – KISS “The devil came up. He was lookin’ for a soul to steal. He had trouble in mind, as he drove on the line. He was lookin’ to make a deal. Said, ‘Boy, lemme tell ya what, you rock the beat pretty good, boy. ‘Cause I’m in your time, I could take that rhyme, and there ain’t nothin’ that you can do. We can make this little bet true. a turntable of gold against your soul.’” – K.M.C. Kru “God, why you let the devil produce. Kokain, product of the devil. God, alleviate Lucifer’s hate. The devil’s got their life in that strife and there’s no bliss. Things turned bad and Lord knows.” – Kokain “Sold my soul to the devil. Well the riches for a minute kept me hypnotized. Vicious wicked spirits kept me feelin’ mystified. Everybody wanna live their rich life. Gamblin they souls they so gone after this life. The fancy cars, big mansion stars, no chance at all and maybe lose a little bit integrity to gain. Wake up, wake up, wake up. Get out that slave mentality man. If its vain, its got to be fame. They caught up in the race often chasin the devil. Rebel against the world and it’s crooked wicked ways. Resist the world, only way you can be saved.” – Krayzie Bone

“The devil racks my soul.” – Kris Dane

“I’ll do anything I can to win you from the world, It’s something that my senses can’t control. Shake hands with the devil, I want your soul.” – Kris Kristofferson “Oh no, what did he do wrong. He sold his soul to the devil for a number one song. At night he was drugged up crazy and tormented. His fans wouldn’t know what he was going through, signing autographs, sharing laughs, he looked happy. But he wishes he never sold his soul for fame and money. He had top ten hits. And every night was the same old thing. He was full of fright but didn’t stop drug taking. Then he thought about the fame and money, he loved it more than peace. He was given a chance but he chose drugs and now he’s deceased. Now he’s in hell. Burning and screaming in pain. Now he realizes fame is useless. Now he’s dead, he realizes money and fame caused all this mess. He’s screaming out he’s got something to let you know. If you get the chance, choose peace of mind and let fame go! Let it go. He’s got his own self to blame.” – K Stone “This devilist bitch is so succulent, taking a piece of my soul every time.” – Kuniva “I will get stoned and worship Satan.” – Kurt Cobain

Judas is the demon I cling to. I’m in love with Judas

“Judas is the demon I cling to. I’m in love with Judas (devil). I am beyond repentance. I want your soul. I swear to Lucifer. My Lucifer. Capital H-I-M (his infernal majesty; Satan). Loves to dance in the dark.” – Lady Gaga Allthechildrenoflight-ladyGAGA-unicorn-centaur “The devil wants my soul. That would block off the way to heaven.” – L’arc en ciel “I sold my soul.” – Laura Wilde “I won’t support your lie no more. If I have to die, oh Lord, that’s how I choose to live. I can’t be victimised no more. I just don’t sympathize no more. ‘Cause now I understand. You (Satan) just wanna use me. You say ‘love’ then abuse me. I take the sacrifice, If everything must go. No more compromises. I see past your disguises. Blindin’ through mind control. Stealin’ my eternal soul. Appealin’ through material, to keep me as your slave. But faith is not your speed. Oh, you’ve had everyone believed, that you’re the sole authority. Just follow the majority. You’d be smart to save your soul, when escape is mind control. Are you sure it’s God you servin’? Obligated to a system.” – Lauryn Hill “I had a fall out with Satan. Repeating satanic verses.” – Layzie Bone “It’s nobody’s fault but mine. Try to save my soul tonight. Devil he told me to roll. Here’s to my Satan. Whose power is Satan. He’ll give you 666.” – Led Zeppelin “Dancing with the devil, two-stepping into Hell.” – Lex Zaleta “I sold my soul. Blame it on the devil.” – Liam Finn “Devil took my soul.” – Lil B “These devils find a way to get at’cha. All it takes is some green and your face on the screen.” – Lil’ Kim “She got the devil in her, I do whatever I want, hell’s angel. (Lucifer) Dance with the devil. Devil on my shoulder.” – Lil Wayne “My soul bleeds, devil must’ve planted the seed.” – Linkin Park “I’m drawn to the dark side, and the devil in my head.” – Lita Ford “I was directed and commanded by another power. The power of darkness that a lot of people don’t believe exists. The power of the devil. Satan.” – Little Richard “Sold you soul for a dollar. It’s the devil, you know.” – LL Cool J “I got that devilish flow, rock n roll, no halo.” – LMFAO “I see the invisible spirits, where demons still find it livable. I need a hug to hold my soul inside my body.” – Lisa Lopes “You’re going straight to hell by the devil’s side. Deal with the devil.” – Lizzy Borden

“Most people sell their souls.” – Logan P. Smith

“Lucifer, oh Lucifer, God of evil, you’re the god of pain, the darkness is where you find your light.” – Ludacris “I love her (Lucifer), with all my heart. She said that she would give me greatness, status, placement above the others. A match made in heaven, set the fires in hell. The devil on me. Every dream is designed and broadcasted from the masters to the masses.” – Lupe Fiasco “The slice of a soul as a man on the right hand.” – Machine Gun Kelly “Some devil with a pitchfork keep talkin’ like he know me. I stood before an Angel as he told me bout the glory.” – Mac Miller

“I don’t give a damn if I go to hell.” – Madonna


“Demanding the sacred right to burn in hell. Satan.” – Manowar “I lost my soul.” – Maps “There’s nothing left this soul to sell.” – Marilyn Manson “I have sold my soul.” – Marina and the Diamonds “Show business is one of the few businesses that the devil will actually agree to own just a portion of your soul, because he knows if you have a performer’s ego, you were probably working for him all along. When you actually meet the devil and he offers you a deal, most artists eventually negotiate.” – Marc Maron “Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” – Matthew 4 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” – Matthew 7:13 “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” – Matthew 16:26 “And Larry, respect is what you traded for fame, when you made your deal with Satan.” – Maureen McCormick on Larry, the Cable Guy. “The game is so cold. The boy sold his soul. Devil said ‘I’ma give you the world.’” – MC Hammer “I am the Devil’s advocate.” – Megadeth “Can’t you see it’s out of control? Tonight the sweet devil’s got my soul.” – Melissa Etheridge “If your ultimate goal is to be famous, then you’re going to do a lot to get there like sign your name in blood in a contract with the devil. I’ve seen so many people forsake their moral codes, and their value system just for a little bit of fame. It’s not worth it at the end of the day, it’s really not worth it.” – Melyssa Ford “This time you can’t save yourself. But I think we’d all be fine If everyone would just shut up and listen. What you want is never what you need. Be careful what you wish for. This time you can’t save yourself.” – Memphis May Fire

Mercedes-Benz commercial

“Make a deal with me (devil) and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it.” “To the devil his due, I sold my soul.” – Mercyful Fate “I wish to sell my soul, to be reborn. Devil take my soul, with diamonds you repay. I will burn in hell from the day I die.” – Metallica “With devil worship and satanic verses.” – Method Man “Sell my soul to him.” – Midnight Oil “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Micah LeVar Troy “In the devil’s game. Even sell my soul to the devil.” – Michael Jackson “I walked along that slippery slope where if you fail through lack of faith, you sell your soul to the devil.” – Michelle Shocked “Give me your heart, give me your soul. I’ll take you when you’re young. The devil. There’s something that burns like a fire. Your loved by all men, but respected by none.” – Mike Ness “Satan’s sword I have become. We curse the holy ghost.” – Morbid Angel “Sold their souls, Satan.” – Morifade “Demonic, that’s what we are. Shout at the devil.” – Motley Crue “Sold my soul.” – Murderdolls “Welcome here in the dark. Your heart and soul with the evil. A deadly part. Fallen down from the heavens gate to earth. With the broken wings. And write with blood my name on the snow. Sacrifice for you my life. You’re the devil in disguise. I surrender my soul with you. For my sins I pay the price.” – Mystic Prophecy “I cried in desperation, bowed to evil sorcery. I sold my soul to the devil.” – Nazareth

“Now it’s the devil I love.” – Neko Case

I’ll trade my soul. What the hell, I’ve always been a part of generation 666.” – Nekromantix “I made a deal with the devil. I sold my soul.” – Never Shout Never “I just can’t pull myself away, under a spell I can’t break.” – Neyo “Up jumped the devil and took my soul from me. The devil and me, down we go. Hell fire to eternity.” – Nick Cave

“Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe…

I don’t want to end up losing my soul.” – Nicki Minaj ALLTHECHILDRENOFLIGHT-NICKI-MINAJ “Lady Gaga is a pop prostitute, a Satanic bitch with her fascist and demonic secret signs. He (Satan) just needs a hot shot. You need a hot shot. You are always running out. Nothing matters anymore. All you want is go and score (souls). But they all seem to end that way. And they’re all livin, the devil may care. The devil has got his hooks on you. You are racing his clock. His plastic paradise won’t last. You’ve got a no future and no past. Anyone can see your eyes. Excuse me, hell is full of lies. Why should the devil have all the good music. Man, it would be such a shame, iIf we won’t stop the devil’s game.” – Nina Hagen “Here is no hope, here is no right. Come pick a card, the devil’s game is on tonight. Come step inside and take a look, what do you see..splenderously. Here is no love, here is no might. There’s just one game, come step inside. The time is right. Your soul to pay if you don’t beat the jackal face. You wanna play the devil’s game? You better face what’s coming. Silvertongue devil, burning in my soul. Got a pocket full of diamonds, fortune, fame and gold. Don’t you want it all? The ace of spades you choose. This time it’s do or die. Your soul belongs to the devil. You picked the wrong card, now it’s time to pay.” – Nocturnal Breed “I sold my soul for the second time, cause’ the man don’t pay me.” – Noel Gallagher “Ja sold his soul.” – Obie Trice on Ja Rule “Your fate is mine. Teasing your soul, is ripe for the devil.” – Okuniev “I have to spit the devil who is lying trough my throat. He drinks my brain with a straw. He smokes my vocal cords.” – Olivia Ruiz “Eternal salvation suffers from inflation. I’m losing control. Teach me the magic of your sacred poems. Woman is the devil. All you sinners, blasphemers, burn in the pit.” – Otep “You waited on Satan’s call.” – Ozzy Osbourne “There’s a bunch of devil worshippers in Hollywood. They be throwing the signs. All of them. The devil is real. It seems to be a price on it. It seems to be some contract you sign with the devil.” – Paul Mooney “He sold his soul to the devil for worldly power.” – Phantom of the Paradise: movie “Join the line. Dance with the devil, he’s stealing your soul. Sold their souls, Satan’s slaves. Now the devil must be paid. The music holds them in its spell. They’ll soon be dancing now in hell.” – Phenomena “God won’t let me into heaven because I’m too evil.” – Phil Spector “Made ya’ deal with the devil, but you sold your soul.” – Pimp C “”Lucifer Sam, always sitting by your side. He releaseth my soul for he has great power.” – Pink Floyd “They sell their soul but the devil knows I have no number.” – Pitbull

“The devil wanders into my soul.” – PJ Harvey

“I’ve been wasting all my time with the devil in the details. All of my wrongs and all my wicked ways, will come back to haunt me. Looks like the devil’s here to stay.” – Placebo “This soul’s been sold.” – Poisonblack “Dance with the devil. He wants your soul.” – Prince “I find only demons. I be the hatred in your eyes and the Satan in your lives.” – Proof “But how you sell soul to souless people who sold their soul? I guess we all got stole on by some of the same cats that sold ya soul.” – Public Enemy “The mark of the devil is upon you. Damnation is waiting in the mirror but you shouldn’t mind. The devil is waiting with your worthless soul. And you want to join the laughter, sharing, simple shreds of feeling, but you fidget and your heart is growing cold.” – Pulp “Sold my soul.” – Pusha T “Sellin’ devil their soul.” – Raekwon “Justice is the pain now. The devil takes you. Ride with the devil. He’ll take your life away. You’ll never destroy our fear.  Except your soul. You sold your soul for order. So he could take it over. The string he pulls inside my head. At last, I will discover rrue Meaning of our lord. The devil inside my head.” – Raging Speedhorn “Drinking with the devil, gonna raise some hell. Got my soul to sell. I’m at your command.” – Rainbow “Oh my, look what I’ve done. These angel filled skies. The road might be long, but it’s my road tonight. I said, God be my driver. God, be my lighter. I’ll be careful for what I wish for in this life. What the hell’s going on? I said hey Mr. Soul, what you got for me? I know nothing here’s free. Careful what you wish for.” – Raine Maida “Look in the mirror. Tell me do you like what you see. What you`ve done to your body and soul. Like a fool I was blinded. What can I do. No point running. Got the devil, got the devil inside you.” – Raven “Sell out, record company’s gonna give me lots of money.” – Reel Big Fish “Sold your soul to the devil.” – Reaper movie “I’ve done made a deal with the devil.” – Red Adair “First of all, we want to thank Satan.” – Red Hot Chili Peppers “I find it hard, to believe it took all of my living years for me to see, the most of the things I´ve ever wanted keep me from knowing my soul. I feel i´m falling into a trial. Or how much I believe in you, i´ll keep doing what the devil says to do. You´re a liar, you´re a fool and you think you´re paying dues, saying that you´re hopeless, faithless, but that ain´t true. You´re just living something I can´t find my way out of. ” – Richie Kotzen “The world demonic legions prevail.” – Rigor Mortis

Took an oath,  Rihanna

ALLTHECHILDRENOFLIGHT-rihanna-shhh “Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end. These fancy things, will never come in between. You’re part of my entity, here for infinity. ’Cause in the dark, you can’t see shiny cars, and that’s when you need me there. Satan.” – Rihanna “Hello Satan, it’s time to go. Me and the devil, walkin’ side by side. Hellbound. I went to the crossroads. ” – Robert Johnson “Cause’ I live with Satan.” – Robert Plant “I took whatever the devil offered me.” – Robin Thicke “Dreaming be damned, this is control. Taping your soul, devil’s hole.” – Rob Zombie “I signed a deal with Satan because I wanted to get famous. Than I forgot I had a deal with Satan and then I got really famous.” – Roseanne Barr “I made a pact with the devil. I signed a deal with my maker, Satan’s my record company.” – Royce da 5’9 “And I even made the devil sell me his soul. Fire from the depths of hell.” – Run–D.M.C. “This is a man who signed his pact with the devil 20 years ago.” – Sam Mendes “Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, It was love from above, that could save me from hell. She had fire in her soul. It was easy to see, how the devil himself could be pulled out of me. Every soul in the room keeping time with their hands. Like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place. We danced through the night.” – Santana “Wise men say be careful what you wish, for truth would surely shame the branding of your name. She said, sign your soul to me, and I will set you free. They come a dime of a dozen in cornucopias of many kinds. But It’s all right. I’m gonna take this money, turn it around times ten and start a brand new life with you. How could an angel marry the devil? What is my next move to get back to you? To get back to the heaven that I once knew? She (Lucifer) will be the only heaven you will ever see because you signed your soul to me. Scream the tremors of past wished. Should’ve never wished this. I’ll take my cues from the wise in the next life.” – Scapegoat “I got a Lucifer soul. I’ll be the Devil’s son, Devil’s work, gettin’ work.” – Schoolboy Q “I rode the bicycle of the devil, driving straight to hell. The bicycle of the devil will take you straight to hell.” – Scissor Sisters “It irks me when I get burned. And the knowledge that things won’t be the same. Now i realize that you have won. And there’s nothing to be said or done. So run with the devil.” – Seether “I’m selling my soul to Hollywood Records. I love you like a love song baby, a sinful, miracle, lyrical. He ate my soul. I’m torn I’m selling my soul to the rhythm because I’m become so possessed with the music he plays. I chose a path and I’m not looking back.” – Selena Gomez “So many sold their souls.” – Shad “I work for Satan.” – Shawn Crahan “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Shelton Hank Williams “I can tell that you a devil by them rhymes you’re designing. Something about soul.” – Shooting Star “Leased my soul to the devil with the option to buy.” – Shyne “This is a relationship in which you make a sacrifice. You pay a price. I got a soul for sale. To a puppet on the shelf just screaming: ‘Puppet master, choose me.’ We’ll go down in flames together – light it up like papparazzi. Go and light my name in flames. So sign me up to love you (devil) ‘cause I’m ready for the game. Sign on the line, make a deal with the devil in blood. I know your love is bad but I want it all.” – Simon Curtis “First of all, want nothing so bad, you sell your soul to get it. Have some kind of parameters of what you are before you come here (Hollywood).” – Sinbad “The devil wouldn’t even recognize. That’s why I got the electric eye. I lost my wings and fell to earth.” – Sky Ferreira “I’m a sell out for you.” – Skylar Grey “Warriors from the gates of hell, in lord Satan we trust.” – Slayer “I can’t believe you sold out. Rip your soul out.” – Smile Empty Soul “Why not sell my soul and go on Jersey Shore? And that’s what I did.” – Snooki “I think it’s too late for prayin, hold up, a voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin’ ‘Bring your lifestyle to me I’ll make it better. I’ll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of.’ I see demons. So relax your soul let me take control. You go down with the devil. Now roam through the depths of hell, where the rest your homeboys dwell.” – Snoop Dogg “He sold his soul to the devil.” – Son House “Always talk about the money. Devil take my soul if you want it. Made a deal.” – Son of Dave “Blue eyed devil. Six hundred and sixty six.” – Soul Coughing “The darkness within me. What dwells inside becomes clearer. I pray my God, forgive this.” – Soul Embraced “I made a deal with the devil and sold my soul.” – Spice 1 “Hail Satan.” – Splender “I heard the devil callin’ me.” – Spliff Starr “God have mercy on my soul. What did you expect? The hero is a wretch, a devil in the flesh. Are you disenchanted by the idols humanness?” – Stavesacre “I don’t need to sell my soul, he’s (devil) already in me.” – Stone Roses “I’m bigger than then the devil. You won’t pay for your sins. So offer your soul to claim you. Cloven hoof is with your tail between your legs. Beelzebub you’re through.” – Stormtroopers Of Death “The return of the friendly card invites you to play with the fire. But the joker is closing his eyes if your stake`s getting higher and higher. The reaper smiles, the ten is cut. The jack is allyin` with the queen of spades. The ace is low but the king is high, and little devil plays another lie with you. The ultimate deed is done. Burnt with the trident, and little devil has won. But the stake of your soul will be granted.” – Stygma IV “You gotta sell your soul to be a superstar.” – Sublime “I’m a prisoner of a demon, this must be my punishment for selling my soul.” – Suicidal Tendencies “I let the devil buy my soul. I’m driven by the devil.” – Sway “Mother never told me that the monsters weren’t real. Angel, you can’t hide the little devil inside. Why don’t u see the shame of the ways you wanna bring ‘em down? This so called fantasy, shatters everyone, everything around.” – Talisman “What could ever take your place. Every devil wants to have it out. But i can reach for you. And we’re dancing again.” – Tanya Donelly “The devil, take me now. I can’t hide from you. Prisoners of course, taken by force.” – Tears for Fears “They call me devil boy. You’re gonna operate in hell. She devil, her greed level is hella high. Taking a piece of my soul everytime.” – Tech N9ne “Devil gonna vandalize/steal your soul. Ain’t got no kind of soul. Got no place to go.” – Ted Horowitz “Darkness, evil, hell. The world of demons. Only evil lives here. There’s no way out. Feel the fire. Dance with the devil.” – The 6th Gate “Shout to the devil. In the soul. Still fighting off the hounds of hell. For we all fall short of the glory.” – The Alarm “We just do deals with the devil. Because God gave soul and the devil rock’n’roll.” – The Bosshoss “Well, I can’t stop this evil feel. Do you want to make a deal? It’s all wrong, now. I must be the devil.” – The Box Tops “It’s such an easy place to run/turn to. So please, let me in. I didn’t mean to get in this spot. There was a devil in my soul and it will never let me go. Now I’m staring from the other side, and now it’s not so cool. Please let me go.” – The Cinematics “Well you made a deal with the devil, and now your soul is mine. You sold it for eternity when you signed that dotted line. Like a lifeless little pawn, money, pleasure wrapped in leather; fortune and fame. Sell your soul.” – The Creepshow “Come on lil’ devil, be my little angel.” – The Cult “Instead of doing your deal with the devil.” – The Dark Knight “Ask for the devil and he shall appear.” – The Dark Knight Rises “Who, in their right mind, could possibly deny the twentieth century was entirely mine (Satan). Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, is that it? Why not? I’m here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I’ve nurtured every sensation man’s been inspired to have. Let me give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does he do, for his own amusement, he sets the rules in opposition. It’s the goof of all time. Look but don’t touch. Touch, but don’t taste. Taste, don’t swallow. Free will, it is a bitch.” – The Devil’s Advocate movie “You were all right. There is a god. But he isn’t on my side. He watches as my soul dies. I was sold as a slave. The demons dug their nails. And my debt’s not paid. Sold my soul. Don’t you believe me? They won’t forget me. Sold my soul to hell. I struck blood from an undeserving enemy. You were all right. There is a hell. But it’s waiting for the right time. They’ve gotta know. There’s no hope.” – The Devil’s Contract “All faith corroded, your fate within my hands. How can we rest while the fires burn outside? I am pulled down with the weight of the broken, I will fall. Our souls burn. Devil sold his soul.” – The Disappointment “You’ve got your demons. I’ve got a few of my own.” – The Eagles “He lost his soul to a woman (Lucifer) so heartless.” – The Fray “And the man in my soul makes me behave. I got a devil looking over my back.” – The Gadjits “Walking on top of the devils roof. Walk through the gates of Hell, see my Impala parked in front. I sold my soul to the devil.” – The Game “I’m a devil with a battered brain. And I’m lookin’ for a future, the world’s my aim.” – The Germs “You better run from the devil’s gun. The race is on, so you better run. If you stay, the devil will catch you anyway. He’ll seek you everywhere. The devil’s fire just won’t go out. He burns you up from head to toe. The devil’s grip just won’t let go.” – The Gun You don’t owe me, no back pay. I’m gonna tell that to the devil.” – The Marshall Tucker Band “Too bad I sold my soul to the fuckin devil.” – The Pharcyde “They screaming your name. And I promised myself that I’d do anything. We all wanna be famous. But be careful what you wish for, ‘cause you just might get it. When I grow up, I wanna be famous I wanna be a star. You just might get it. I can be a little devil. I beg you for forgiveness for all of the mistakes I’ve made. Sorry I couldn’t wear your halo.” – The Pussycat Dolls “We’ve been walking a crooked road. Hands right down in the soil. The suppression of truth. We’re gonna search till we find our dreams. Gonna play so good make the devil cry.” – The Return

“Stole many a man’s soul and faith.


Just call me Lucifer.” – The Rolling Stones

“Dance with the devil. We give heaven and hell.” – The Sounds “I sold your soul to the devil.” – The Spookshow “The chemical fire Is the tongue. The tangerine is the fire. Hurts like red roses can hurt. Acid and sweet, flows the river inside me, like the unbearable desire. Breaking my soul and setting me free. Burning the fire of passion, devil. ” – The Temple “The devil’s bought your body. The devil’s bought your soul. So now to do his evil Is your only goal. Serve each of his evil deeds. You’ll bow down to Satan. Satan is your king.” – The Tiger Lillies “Work by the power of Satan, addicted to the payments. Consciousness future levels that he never did Imagine fathomable, but the story only brings an unimaginable trinity to a king, who traded the adversities of sin. He loved the beneficial fruit, so plentiful in taste, and rich superficial delusions of a human race. My soul’s never afraid to die. Who knew our dreams would be the afterlife.” – The Underachievers “Sold my soul.” – The Used “I’m throwin’ away my soul.” – The Wanted “Devil whispers in my ear, ‘It’s time for your curtain call.’” – The Whistler “If you’re the chosen one, if you’re the number one, where do you run to? You hide there with your demons. They call you Lucifer. The fires are burning. I watch the devil as he dances round me. Do you really want to drag me down? And take me to the gates of hell? No more dancing with the stars. I did it all for you back then. And look at me now, I’m half the prisoner, half the man, this life is resting in your hands. You’re forcing down the lies, but you always get your way. Something tells me this was all arranged. You trick me once again.” – The Wolf Gang “See the soul inside me. There will be no lies, just silent hope to break free. I was deprived of, the healing light of your dark sin. As darkness consumes everything I try to do. I’ll take the blame for everything cause I love you. I can’t block out these thoughts. Love is the devil, my tortured soul.” – Third Realm “I’m a man without a heart , without a soul. I’ll be here by your side forever. We’ll be chained to this sin together ‘cause I am the tool of the devil.” – Thunderstone “This searching for a brand new world Is getting the best of me. I could sell my soul to the devil for a dime. I got nowhere to turn. I got nothin’ to lose. It’s such a sin.” – Tinsley Ellis “I sold my soul to the devil.” – This Providence “They’ll rather hand me to Satan.” – T.I “Hold down whats inside. I don’t want to run. I can’t remember the last thing I said to you. We’ll separate the tides. But i’m falling to pieces. I am cursed.” – Tides “I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship Satan, and those who have killed (blood sacrifices) to get the respect they have now. Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses it to influential people, to help influence the world. Once you make a certain amount of money, just know that that’s when they ask you to join. To get in, you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join, they assist you with your career, make you huge, only if you agree and obey to destroy God’s word and his children.” – Tiffany Evans “And givin’ him half of what is earned. Could be a star on your TV screen. But it’s a dream excitin’ and it’s over ridin’. What would you sacrifice? Would you dare, would you bare? Would you take it or leave it? And it can take you under when it feels like thunder. Is it the devil in your soul? There’s someone at the door.” – Tiffani Wood “The devil took his soul. There’s always a price you pay no matter what you do. If you’re gonna climb that mountain to the top It always comes down to how bad do you want it? You’ve got to lay it all out on the line.” – Tim McGraw “Cut me like a deck of cards. I thought you had me. You thought that you had me. But hey, devil, go on.” – Toby Mac “My soul, you can have it. I’d sell it to the devil for another hit. I hear voices.” – Tom Meighan “A heart as cold as ice. Shake the devil.” – Tommy Bolin “If you walk with Jesus, he’s gonna save your soul. You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole. He’s got the fire and the fury at his command.” – Tom Waits “I pray to the angels that worship the devil.” – Tony Yayo “I sold my soul to make a record.” – Tool “I wanted to marry Lucifer. I feel his presence in my music.” – Tori Amos “Demons they are on my trail. I’m standing at the crossroads of the hell. All you folks think I got my price, at which I’ll sell all that is mine. You think money rules when all else fails. Go sell your soul and keep your shell. Some say the devil be a mystical thing. I say the devil he a walking man. He a fool, he a liar, conjurer, and a thief. He try to tell you what you want. Try to tell you what you need.” – Tracy Chapman “When you duel with the devil living in your mind. Flooding into your soul.” – Transatlantic “The devil’s got a hold of me.” – Travis Barker “I’d sold my soul to the devil.” – Tuck Everlasting movie “I sold my soul. Sellin’ my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches. Am I cold, or is it just I sold my soul? Gamble for your soul with the devil. Is this my destiny? No one was there when I took the wrong path. Tell the lord they got my mind, but he can have the rest of me. I wish I could turn back the time. Resist the temptation.” – Tupac Shakur “So what became of love in man, and what became of you? The devil will want you back. ” – Two Door Cinema Club “I sold my soul to the devil. Lucifer will have my soul.” – Tyler, the Creator “We are the magic spell. Seven blasphemies to the holy world. In hell. One destiny. In join with the devil.” – Undercroft “Satan has a devil put aside for me.” – Queen “Made ya’ deal with the devil, but you sold your soul.” – UGK “That energy called evil is alone from the body and that reason, called good, is alone from the soul. Possessor of the command of heavenly host, is called the devil or Satan, and his children are called sin and death. For this history has been adopted by both parties. At liberty when of devils and hell, is because he was a true poet and of the devil’s party without knowing it.” – Ulver “I’m possessed by rock’n’roll. Sell your soul. It’s gonna drag you under, gonna take your heart and soul.” – Uriah Heep “Runnin’ with the devil. When I jumped out on that road.” – Van Halen “I want it so badly and it’s there to take. Standing at the crossroads. Waiting for the devil to take my soul. I’d sell my soul. When I meet the devil, I won’t hesitate.” – Vanderbuyst “I’m dancing with the devil” – Vanishing Point “I sold my soul to the devil.” – Vaya Con Dios “I am possessed by all that is evil. The death of your God, I demand and sit at Lord Satan’s left hand.” – Venom “Tthe devil is walking around. I sold my soul way down in the dirt.” – Volbeat “The devil entered me.” – Waka Flocka “I wouldn’t wish success on my worst foe. You see, the devil is alive but he work slow. And yea I should’ve seen the signs by my first quote. Devil makes you famous.” – Wale “I could sense that hidden power. You’ve gone and sold your soul to fame.” – Wanderers “I sold my soul a long time ago. Signed and sealed. I met him down by the crossroads.” –  W.A.S.P. “We’re gonna totally sell out and try to dominate the world.” – Wes Borland “I’m everything your hearts desire. There’s a man telling me that I’m gonna be free, if I just sign my name on the line. That the world is watching me. Flick the switch to my reality. ‘Cause I’m a new age sacrifice.” – Wet wet wet “I hate God. Son of Satan.” – Will.I.Am “Sold my soul.” – Willy Mason “Traded my soul. I made a deal with the devil. Fortune and fame, fire and flames.” – Winger “Sold my soul.” – Wish “The devil gave us the task. Human who believe in god, must be exterminated, signed by the devil.  We indicate them the right way to hell to praise Satan.” – Wizard “I took her hand over my soul she (Lucifer) took command. A soul for the devil, she took from me.” – Wolf “I am the keeper, soul, heart stealer. I’ll put a spell, a spell on you – voodoo. I’ll steal your life away. I’ve got the cards stacked high. You’re dealing with the devil, that’s no lie. Yeah, you’re coming with me. It’s time to lay your money down. Ace high, diamonds low. The spades are in my hands. You’ve been dealing with the devil.” – X-Wild “Given to the beast by fate.” – Yelawolf “Married to the game. If we’re dancing with the devil at least teach us how to dance when the son of making dollars.” – Young Jeezy “I have sold my soul. Just sign right here.” – Zakk Wylde “So you think you can make it better? Just be careful what you wish for. Paint the perfect picture. But these pictures are deceiving, ‘cause the colors lost their place. And they’re dripping down and bleeding. And they’re running and running away. Packed it up and leaving. And these dreams turn to nightmares. Like a promise with no meaning. So be careful what you wish for You just might get it. And if this is what you live for, you might as well forget it. You don’t know what you wish for, the small print, never end.” – Zebrahead “I’m a devil, hunting your souI. I’m lost in my heart. The power of hell comes to your soul.” –  Zé Ramalho “When you were shouting at the devil, we were In league with Satan. In and out it’s an endless cycle, she (Lucifer) owns your soul. Kneel before your lord and master and serve the hole. The devil’s mouth.” – Zimmer’s Hole “You´ll find he sold his soul to the devil for a shot at the big time.” – Zoolander movie

Message From Heaven To All

 To watch Angelica Zambrano full story, click here: ( Sources: Angelica Zambrano, rapgenius, azlyrics, youtube, artists lyrics,  Caroline Achieng Otieno, mostholyfamilymonastery, mediaexposed, youtube )

The New World Order – The Rise and Fall of Nations

NWO, Secret Societies & Biblical Prophecy

A documentary by Leonard Ulrich. Leonard’s contention is that evil in this world is being supernaturally directed toward the emergence of the Antichrist in the very near future, and that the time has come to resist evil as never before. Step one, of course, is to recognize what’s happening–which, sadly, too many professing Christians do not.

This movie is a real eye-opener; it is a relatively short but extensive – history lesson which covers three main ideas:

  1.  NWO
  2. Secret Societies
  3. Biblical Prophecy

For background, here are a few links to documents Leonard mentioned during the interview:

  • George Washington’s letter to Rev. G.W. Snyder about Freemasons and the Illuminati
  • Albert Pike’s 1871 letter to Giuseppe Mazzini outlining three future world wars
  • Winston Churchill’s 1920 article Zionism versus Bolshevism
  • To contact Leonard about this project, send email to

NWO, Secret Societies & Biblical Prophecy Vol 1 (Revised)

Comments about Documentary

hupfernum 19 hours ago

Leonard, I congratulate you on a fine documentary; its delivery is flawless. To answer one of the last questions it poses, though, “Do you really think that secret societies could arrange hundreds of events over thousands of years?” Yes. I do. I have studied and learned much of what you have yet I fail to see the connection of sin, evil and god’s laws to secret societies and world domination. I propose that perhaps your eyes may still be clouded by your religious vision, my friend.

hupfernum 11 hours ago

It doesn’t matter, however, if you choose to remain god-fearing, Leonard. You and I… and the rest of us, are faced with a conundrum: what to do now that we know the truth. If you say accept Jesus, you lose me. If I say let go of religion, I lose you. I wish this weren’t so. What else can we do together to infiltrate the minds of people everywhere? If more folks had your intelligence, Leonard, there would be no NEED to control everyone like the conspirators plan.

TheHero189 1 day ago

Believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of all your sins. If you truly believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of all your sins then you will go to heaven forever. If you believe in Jesus Christ then you are saved and you are in salvation and you have gained god’s righteousness. It matters not how much you have sinned in the past, in the present and especially in the future. Believe that Jesus Christ is your savior and you will go to heaven forever and that is the whole truth. John 3:16-18. KJV

SnixSnixsFun 2 days ago

Wow I’ve never been soo deceived in my life knowing the truth! As of today you helped me open my eyes and gave me more insight I needed to see. Thank you. Gods trust in you is the one of the greatest purposes I have received. God Bless you, I hope to see you in heaven soon. ^^

SnixSnixsFun 2 days ago

Christianity is dedication to Christ! How dare anyone one blame me as a Christian or others! Not all Christians are the same, how about you blame the individual who you seek to hate instead of having hatred for a name that doesnt define a persons personality. When you hate you lose your faith more because your to focused on hate instead finding love and truth. Think before you speak because your following Lucifers ways.

CanadensisKrew 2 days ago

The truth hurts go be vegetated by what the media gives you

jamiewhittaker1981 2 days ago

what?? The point of this video is to show no matter how bad it is, or gets, with Jesus you will make it through. The elite, the ones that create this madness, are the ones that want you to blow your brain’s out. Its movie’s like this that help people unplug from their evil system. This and video’s like this give me hope. We greatly out number the elite, if we get enough people unplugged we can change the world!!!

Tahge Andrew 4 days ago

kennedy is telling you in this video whats the plan why u think they killed him

Tahge Andrew 4 days ago

Leave it to the government they are going to destroy your religion all in plan very reason the took it out of schools wake up this man is telling you the truth about ur own i can see why all of you are upset lol white people hate the truth about there own f—-ing them over

Mel O 3 days ago

As a teacher of history, you would be considered ignorant to believe that the history you have been indoctrinated with, isn’t to serve ‘their’ interest. History and research ‘assumes’ that all of the information is available to be found and studied, when throughout history, is it not at least substantiatable that information has been kept hidden, and/or destroyed!!?? As a History teacher ie indoctrinated indoctrinator, you would do well to watch the rest of this video to learn truth!!!

Mel O 3 days ago

Impossible, when it warns against what this system perpetuates and guides us to protect us. You’re denying the very real consequences of not practising what it preaches, and the prophecies that have been and are being fulfilled.

Andy H 1 week ago

AMERICA please look up, george hunt: the royal bank of canada and the enviromental hoax, This predicts americas economic collapse over 25 years ago, how and why. wake up, peace

eithwarner 1 week ago

Today’s Zionist Jews don’t “bless” anything. God’s blessing to Abraham passed to all twelve of Jacob’s sons, but the Jews threw that away when they started following the Babylonian Talmud. They call Mary a whore and Jesus a bastard, and say the goyim are lower than the animals.

jerometorreswk 1 week ago

interesting. What about ufo’s? And more on Revelation please. Still… interesting.

Andy H 1 week ago

its true that cash is needed to build this order but america has none, and what they do print , less countries accept it, so they attack them and lose more cash, they’re trying to hide the fact their on their ass due to the cold war that no one won. go bankrupt and split up the states like russia did. numpties

NarrowPathMatt714 1 week ago

The history is accurate here but as far as the future,on the 10 kingdoms, is up for debate. I think as time goes by this will become clearer. I’m not discounting, the fact that we are this far in the bible,is a good thing. Because we are this far in the bible…….

Onlythroughtheson3 1 week ago

thanks i enjoyed that. From what I know it seemed very accurate.

Enzo Salvador 2 weeks ago

This is a very good presentation that presents a very clear synopsis of world events. I don’t see a condemnation of the Jewish people presented here, but only a factual delivery of events as they occurred. There was a mixed multitude that came out of Egypt and God knows who were His people then and He will do the sorting, when His grace turns back toward the Nation of Israel

Trinder3467 2 weeks ago

As a Jew, I really hope that the world is run by – Jews. But, unfortunately, I realize that it’s not even half true.

libbie7777 2 weeks ago

there only two roads we serve God or weare still lost and not knowing that wear on satan side this is why bible says must be born again the first time we born separated from God in sin. we just need to ask the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts. get a bible pray and read trust God to lead you from there. cause one you ask Christ in your heart he will give you holysprit and that is the one who gives is counsel and we can know Gods voice in our heart. some people have already chose sides

thefreshwater2727 2 weeks ago

As Jesus left the temple for the last time in Jerusalem He told the Jewish nation, “Your house is left to you desolate” because they failed to accept Him as the Messiah. Jews can be saved as individuals like anybody else – but as a nation they have rejected Jesus and hence, He has left them.

thefreshwater2727 2 weeks ago

Spiritual Israel are “His people” – the nation of Israel rejected Him when He came as the Messiah. Branches can be “cut off” and “grafted in” – The gospel went to the Gentiles after Stephen was stoned and the Jewish nation finalized their rejection of Christ. He will not reject His people as long as they trust in salvation through Him and obey the Moral Law – “If you love Me, keep my commandments.”

thefreshwater2727 2 weeks ago

“70 weeks (490 years) are determined upon thy people and upon the holy city, to finish the transgression,and to make an end of sins…in the midst of the 70th week the Messiah was cut off…Stephen was stoned (the 1st Christian martyr) Dan 9. 34 AD, the year of the final rejection of the Jews, marked the end of the 70 weeks that were “cut off” from the 2300 day (year) prophecy for the Jewish nation. The gospel went to the Gentiles making all believers spiritual Israel (His people). God bless


Romans 2:29

But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

Romans 9:6

It is not as though God’s word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel.

Romans 9:8

In other words, it is not the natural children who are God’s children, but it is the children of the promise who are regarded as Abraham’s offspring.


Matthew 3:9

And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham.


1 Corinthians 7:19

19 Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God

Michael Albertsen 1 week ago

Jesus did not choose 2 B a Jew, in fact he choose 2 create a new way of thinking for humanity. He did not want a Religion in his image, but on his words, which were covered up, t World Order of that time: Jews. They denied the prophet Jesus that God gave them 2 sit on a Spiritual throne, not a literal one, they denied Him b/c they couldn’t, b/c of their idealized belief n 1 God. No need for begging if u believe then u r already forgiven n accepted, n do the same as I do. The Jews still deny Him

SHA8UTIE 1 day ago

Yeshua was Jewish and all of the disciples, except possibly Luke, were Jewish as well. It was Pharisees and their control that caused all of the problems. Jews were later executed or forced into slavery for not admitting that God is 3. God is not 3, he is 1. It is the false doctrine of the trinity, combined with the removal of God’s OT laws that is blinding them today, also completely correct. You see the Messiah CANNOT be against the Torah because that would disqualify him

LeonardUlrich 3 days ago

I welcome your challenge. Please explain this: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev. 3:9. Note that this verse is in the context of the Laodicean church period in which we now live. It is also echoed in Rev. 2:9. All the Russian communists were “Jews”. I gave you the prophetic history of this verse, and you chewed me out for it.

asas2jh 3 days ago

If I recall correctly the Jews don’t believe in Jesus

jamiewhittaker1981 1 day ago

I believe everyone is condemned without Jesus. Also I think every religion has been corrupted to some degree, mainly the symbols. Satan loves brainwashing! The triangle represents satan, an upside down triangle represents the fall of satan. The triangle is used because the number 6 is in every corner, 3 corners, 666! Put the triangles together and you got a pentagram or star. If interested check out “Sacred Knowledge: In Plain Sight (Decoded)” its like 4 hours long so I hope your bored!

SHA8UTIE 1 day ago

I don’t understand what that has to do with many Jewish people and Judaism itself. The symbols in the churches are FAR worst than anything we see involving Israel or Judaism today. Pagan ideas, designs and worship have completely corrupted much of today’s church. That does not condemn Christians or Christianity in any way.

jamiewhittaker1981 1 day ago

Con’t …. Oh and have you ever heard of the kkk??? They love that flag! I would think satans presents in the klu klux klan would be obvious.

SHA8UTIE 1 day ago

It doesn’t matter if the KKK loved that flag, that does not make the flag stand for something that it didn’t. That is a problem with the KKK, not with the flag or what the confederacy stood for.

If that poster said that he is a supporter of the former south because blacks should still be in slavery, that would be wrong. You can’t just assume that he believe that though. That was not the main cause for the civil war being fought.

jamiewhittaker1981 23 hours ago

Wow, that is incredibly naive. If the flag stands for nothing, why are they using it as their symbol? It matters big time. Oh and the civil war and every other war was built on a lie and funded on both sides by the Rothschilds. Satan loves war. I never said anything about the Jewish people being condemned, you did. I was simply pointing out that it doesn’t matter if your Jewish, Christian, or any other religion. Without Jesus we are condemned.

HopeForPeaceNow 1 day ago

DOes God embrace the 700,000 Palestinian refuggees Israel created in 1948 when they removed a native people from their lands by burning and murdering them?

Does Jesus condone that?

SETxAPART 2 weeks ago

I’m only 28 seconds into the video and I’ll continue watching, but I’ve got to say that I’m already pleased with seeing Psalm 2:1-2 up there. As Ephesians said, there are “rulers of darkness” present here now. I’ll say no more until I’ve watched more. God bless!

Enwazzirb 2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed just about all of this and there were some great points made. But I’m not a fan of the Christian overtone throughout and in the end. I personally am not religious, but I am spiritual, and I have my own beliefs on this world, on life, and on death. I think it is important to be a free thinker; and you shouldn’t discourage free thinkers by saying that they are luciferians. Just because someone has their own beliefs does not mean that they’re evil or that evil has swayed them.

SETxAPART 2 weeks ago

I say this out of respect, but you will have to choose one day. Actually, the Bible said “Choose you this day whom you will serve. To not want Jesus Christ would automatically put you in the will of Lucifer/Satan. You may not be performing rituals, lighting candles, and conducting blood sacrifices, but to simply reject Jesus Christ is all the enemy is looking for. Free choice is given by God. He can’t make you turn to Him, but would encourage you to do so.

SETxAPART 2 weeks ago

Satan loves to work on free thinking for it is a way for him to feed you ideas that are contrary to the ways of God. He has confused and divided the church this way – by people who couldn’t take the Bible for what it was because they didn’t want to live to God’s standards. Thus, we have way too many denominations and way too many Bible translations. One thing’s for sure – if anyone tells you Jesus is not the way, the truth, or the life – that he is not the son of God, then they are antichrist.

thefreshwater2727 2 weeks ago

I am not trying to discourage you but the Bible says “If you are not for Me you are Against Me” there are only two sides in this spiritual battle. There are not three or maybe four sides to this battle – it is between good and evil and has been going on since the fall of Lucifer to this earth. The purpose being to rid the universe of sin and show the other angels and “worlds” (per the Bible) that sin can be overcome, in the strength of Jesus, by love. And that people will choose Him by Love.

sheridan1887 2 weeks ago

true bible-believing Christianity is not a religion and that is where most people make their mistake. We are making a choice here on this earth whether you believe it or not. The choice is Jesus Christ or satan/Lucifer, heaven or hell. Choose Jesus, choose life. choose satan, choose death. by not making any choice, or just being spiritual as you say, by default you are rejecting Jesus Christ and eternal life and therefore choosing death.

IsaRefreshingSpirit 2 weeks ago

You did an excellent job putting all of this together. I’m into Bible prophecy and what is happening today. Your video touched on many of my own research subjects. learned something new in the process! God bless you, brother!

The Christmas Tree In The Garden – 3 Wishes

The Sun god Lawless Delusion – Mark of the Beast

Demons: Distributors of fortune

1 John 2:16King (KJV)

16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

The Three wishes or sins are:

1. The lust of the flesh

2. The lust of the eyes

3. The pride of life

Jeremiah 10 (KJV)

10 Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:

Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

Luke 8 Possessed with demon – the word means to be crazy or insane. Someone not taking the instruction of God.

When Jesus cast the demons out, he cast it out of the self of man. Demon comes from daiblo – to distribute fortune, a god that would distribute fortunes, a deity. It all started in the garden. Diablos mean to cast out. Eve cast out God’s instructions.


Daemon is the Greek word for Demon and it means to distribute. In the ancient world Daemon were departed ancestors who either distributed fortunes or brought evil. Daemons were associated with tree worship, Venus, Asteroth, Easter, Ishtar, Semiramis, Baal, Tammuz. Tree worship extends all the way back to the Garden and the goddess of fertility or queen of heaven is a perversion of Eve.

Mark of the beast

Charagma – Rev:13: The word mark it means etching. An etching is a character. This is the same word as name, same meaning onoma. Onoma means character or authority. Your character is what you are. Your reputation is what people think you are.

There are none good, Romans 3.

Charax means a stake on a boundary, on a boundary line. Rev:13 the beast world system verse Rev 13.2 verse Rev 13.11 the second beast who speaks for the world beast system. George Bush Sr. spoke of a new world order.

Image created to the beast. The word image is icon, it means likeness. The likeness of the world beast system is Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome, the RCC system. Tolerance, politically correct is the beast system.

Babylon started in Gen 11. But the Babylon system was a reproduction of the garden where it started. The mark of the best then has to be found in the garden. The system of self.

Rev 13.15:  likeness of the beast is it character. Rom 8:29 same word. Likeness, not statue, likeness.
Rev 13.16: receive a Charagma. The mark shows who you serve. Deu 6:8 the sign (mark) defined.
Rev 13.17: mark or name. Or means to say

Evil | Good
Fulfill self | Die to self.

The world beast system will be a system of tolerance. Rev 17:5 Babylon mother of all idolatry. Gen 4 – 5 the lineage of Seth or Abel. Babylon was not he origin of sin, the garden was. Eve said Cain was virgin born.

God has a character and the beast has a character. The beast is not a man it is a system.

Rev 13:2: His is the word autos can be masc or neuter gender. But you have to follow the gender of the antecedent. The antecedent is the noun that his refers back to. The beat is also neuter gender so all the he’s and him are neuter gender therefore it reads its.

Is there a character (mark) of Satan in the garden? Yes.

There is a tree in the middle of the garden. God say you can eat of all trees, but not of the one in the midst of it. Stan tell eve to go into the garden and fulfill self.

All in the world John stated this. 1 Jn 2.16 buying and selling; lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

Gen 3:6

Good for Food – fulfills the lust of the flesh – corrupts body
Pleasant to the eyes – lust of the eye – corrupts mind
Tree to be desired to make one wise – pride or life (wisdom) – corrupts spirit or the soul of man.

When you go after the world it corrupts a man, self will.

Adam was not deceived, Eve was.

Diamon is going after the world, distributing of fortunes.

Tree of life Tree of knowledge of good and evil

Mythic poem the battle of the trees or Cad Goddeu in Welsh, sometimes called the battle of Achern or Ochren is an alternative name of the Welch underworld.The battle was fought to secure three things for human kind. 1. Dogs, 2. Deer, 3. Lap Wing

In the ancient world this was about food. Getting through the winter.

Eden you have the battle of the trees. Serpent ruling the garden Nachash – to make feel god, to enchant.

1 John 3.4: The best common definition for sin in bible. Sin is the transgression of the law.

Sin = (is) transgression of the law.

Sin – hamartia – comes from the word maros – in peculiar, a portion.

hamartia mean to miss the mark.

Eat of the legal tree is maros a portion to eat of.

Eat of good and evil ( self fulfilled ) no portion of God (hamartia).

by Jim Brown of Grace and Truth Ministries

1. Early Christians had a soft spot for pagans

It’s a mistake to say that our modern Christmas traditions come directly from pre-Christian paganism, said Ronald Hutton, a historian at Bristol University in the United Kingdom. However, he said, you’d be equally wrong to believe that Christmas is a modern phenomenon. As Christians spread their religion into Europe in the first centuries A.D., they ran into people living by a variety of local and regional religious creeds.

Christian missionaries lumped all of these people together under the umbrella term “pagan,” said Philip Shaw, who researches early Germanic languages and Old English at Leicester University in the U.K. The term is related to the Latin word meaning “field,” Shaw told LiveScience. The lingual link makes sense, he said, because early European Christianity was an urban phenomenon, while paganism persisted longer in rustic areas.

Early Christians wanted to convert pagans, Shaw said, but they were also fascinated by their traditions.

“Christians of that period are quite interested in paganism,” he said. “It’s obviously something they think is a bad thing, but it’s also something they think is worth remembering. It’s what their ancestors did.”

Perhaps that’s why pagan traditions remained even as Christianity took hold. The Christmas tree is a 17th-century German invention, University of Bristol’s Hutton told LiveScience, but it clearly derives from the pagan practice of bringing greenery indoors to decorate in midwinter. The modern Santa Claus is a direct descendent of England’s Father Christmas, who was not originally a gift-giver. However, Father Christmas and his other European variations are modern incarnations of old pagan ideas about spirits who traveled the sky in midwinter, Hutton said.

2. We all want that warm Christmas glow

But why this fixation on partying in midwinter, anyway? According to historians, it’s a natural time for a feast. In an agricultural society, the harvest work is done for the year, and there’s nothing left to be done in the fields.

“It’s a time when you have some time to devote to your religious life,” said Shaw. “But also it’s a period when, frankly, everyone needs cheering up.”

The dark days that culminate with the shortest day of the year ­— the winter solstice — could be lightened with feasts and decorations, Hutton said.

“If you happen to live in a region in which midwinter brings striking darkness and cold and hunger, then the urge to have a celebration at the very heart of it to avoid going mad or falling into deep depression is very, very strong,” he said.

Stephen Nissenbaum, author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist “The Battle for Christmas” (Vintage, 1997), agreed.

“Even now when solstice means not all that much because you can get rid of the darkness with the flick of an electric light switch, even now, it’s a very powerful season,” he told LIveScience.

3. The Church was slow to embrace Christmas

Despite the spread of Christianity, midwinter festivals did not become Christmas for hundreds of years. The Bible gives no reference to when Jesus was born, which wasn’t a problem for early Christians, Nissenbaum said.

“It never occurred to them that they needed to celebrate his birthday,” he said.

With no Biblical directive to do so and no mention in the Gospels of the correct date, it wasn’t until the fourth century that church leaders in Rome embraced the holiday. At this time, Nissenbaum said, many people had turned to a belief the Church found heretical: That Jesus had never existed as a man, but as a sort of spiritual entity.

“If you want to show that Jesus was a real human being just like every other human being, not just somebody who appeared like a hologram, then what better way to think of him being born in a normal, humble human way than to celebrate his birth?” Nissenbaum said.

Midwinter festivals, with their pagan roots, were already widely celebrated, Nissenbaum said. And the date had a pleasing philosophical fit with festivals celebrating the lengthening days after the winter solstice (which fell on Dec. 21 this year). “O, how wonderfully acted Providence that on that day on which that Sun was born … Christ should be born,” one Cyprian text read.

4. The Puritans hated the holiday

But if the Catholic Church gradually came to embrace Christmas, the Protestant Reformation gave the holiday a good knock on the chin. In the 16th century, Christmas became a casualty of this church schism, with reformist-minded Protestants considering it little better than paganism, Nissenbaum said. This likely had something to do with the “raucous, rowdy and sometimes bawdy fashion” in which Christmas was celebrated, he added.

In England under Oliver Cromwell, Christmas and other saints’ days were banned, and in New England it was illegal to celebrate Christmas for about 25 years in the 1600s, Nissenbaum said. Forget people saying, “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” he said.

“If you want to look at a real ‘War on Christmas,’ you’ve got to look at the Puritans,” he said. “They banned it!” Stephanie Pappas

Deception In The Church – A Call for Discernment – Justin Peters

A Call for Discernment – False Prophets Exposed

Justin Peters Ministries – “A Call for Discernment” is a Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Movement (more commonly known as the Health and Wealth or Prosperity Gospel).

A Call for Discernment Session 1 – Dangerous Doctrine

Visit Justin Peter Website

This video is a recording of Justin Peter’s presentation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is not, of course, A Call for Discernment in its entirety, but rather a brief overview of it in which Rev. Peters presents a few highlights from each of the three primary sessions.

In addition to expository preaching, another aspect of Justin’s ministry is the three session seminar which he has developed entitled A Call for Discernment. This seminar is a fair, comprehensive, biblical critique of the modern Word of Faith movement. Word of Faith theology (WoF) dominates Christian satellite and cable television and is making alarming inroads into more theologically conservative, evangical churches. This seminar contains dozens of audio and video clips (primarily the latter) of various WoF leaders such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jessie Duplantis, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, T. D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, – Benny Hinn, Frederick K.C. Price, Jan and Paul Crouch, K.A. Paul, Paula And Randy White, Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, John Hagee, etc. etc. incorporated into a PowerPoint format. This format allows people to see and hear for themselves what these individuals are actually teaching. Everything then is, in turn, balanced with Scripture.

Each session is approximately 70 to 75 minutes in length. A Call for Discernment can be structured and scheduled according to the desires of the pastor or conference organizer.

Life After Death?

The namesake of the oldest book in the Bible, Job, asked the question, “If a man die, shall he live again?” (Job 14:14) The question of life after death has occupied the thoughts of man for all of his history. Just the fact that you are now reading this text bears witness to the fact that this most universal of all questions has occupied your thoughts as well.

Dear friend, allow me to share with you what God’s Word has to teach us about this subject. The Bible (both Old and New Testaments) gives us abundant evidence that man was created by God to live eternally. The sense of eternity is universal; a general belief in man’s mortal present but immortal future can be found in all cultures throughout the world. The question is, then, ‘What happens when I die?’

Session 2 – Mangled Manifestations

Most people today believe that if, generally speaking, they are a good person then they will go to Heaven. In other words, if their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds, or, as long as they sincerely try to live a good life, then God will accept them.

There is actually some truth to this. If a person dies and truly is a good and righteous person, then he is assured of an eternity in Heaven. There’s just one problem, though: the Bible makes it quite clear that there are no inherently good people. Romans 3:10 states, “There is none righteous, no not one.”

I know, I know. It sounds very brash and harsh to claim that there are no good people to be found anywhere. After all, one may wonder, ‘What about people like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or Billy Graham? Weren’t (or in the latter case, aren’t) they good people? Well, by human standards I would be the first to answer that question with a resounding Yes. Though I would disagree with some of them on some theological issues, I would say that all of them were, or are, humble people who consistently placed others above themselves. History will look kindly on all of these individuals as being selfless people with high moral standards and personal integrity.

A Call for Discernment Session 3 – The Hurt of Healing

The problem, though, lies in the fact that God does not judge us by man’s standards, He judges us by His. What exactly are those standards? They are, very simply, the 10 Commandments. If a man could live by all of the 10 Commandments perfectly throughout his life, then he would indeed be a good person by God’s standards and be assured of eternity in Heaven. I invite you to look with me at the 10 Commandments and as we progress, evaluate yourself to see if you measure up to God’s standards.

The Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me

This commandment is not only an injunction not to worship other deities before the true God, Yahweh. It also means that nothing in our lives should ever take priority over God and His will. Has there ever been a time in your life in which something or someone was, even for a moment, more important to you than God? Has God always been your top priority and greatest love?

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images

If you are reading this, you probably do not have a statue of Buddha or of some other pagan god sitting somewhere in your home that you worship. In the clear, right? Well, not so fast. If you believe things about God that are not supported by Scripture (for example, that God will accept you as long as you ‘try to be a good person’) then you are not worshipping the true God. You have made a god out of your own image. This is called idolatry and is a serious sin.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

God takes His good name very seriously. Have you ever misused God’s name in a vulgar or even flippant way? This is called blasphemy.

4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy

Though we should love and serve God every day, He has set aside one day a week for special worship of and service to Him. Has there ever been a Sabbath day in which you slept in or maybe went fishing or to a ballgame instead of going to church?

5. Honor thy father and thy mother

Have you ever disobeyed or dishonored your parents? Have you ever lied to them (and thereby broke two commandments at once)?

6. Thou shalt not murder

Most of us have not actually killed another person. Off the hook, right? Well, the Bible teaches that “Whoever hateth his brother is a murderer” (1 John 3:15). Have you ever hated another individual?

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery

Like many of the Ten Commandments, this one encapsulates more than one might expect just at face value. Jesus said, “whoever looketh upon a woman with lust has committed adultery with her in his heart.” Have you ever looked at a woman with lust? If you are a lady, have you ever done this toward a man?

8. Thou shalt not steal

Have you ever stolen anything regardless of its value?

9. Thou shalt not lie

Who among us has not lied?

10. Thou shalt not covet

This means that we should not desire any possession of another individual whether it be his home, vehicle, boat, wife, social status, prestige – anything.

So, how did you do? If you are anything like me, you probably did not do too well. If you are really honest with yourself, I think that you will find that at one time or another you have broken most, if not all, of God’s commandments. Even if we break only one, it is the same as breaking them all (James 2:10). By God’s standards, then, we are all liars, thieves, idolaters, basphemers, and adulterers. We have all at one time or another dishonored our parents, disregarded the Sabbath, coveted another’s possessions, and not put God first in our lives. So you see, by God’s standards, we are not as good as we might have imagined. The fact of the matter is, we are all sinners (Romans 3:23).

The Consequences of Sin

Almost all people to whom I have shared the Gospel will in fact admit they are sinners upon hearing and understanding the 10 Commandments, but many fail to recognize the gravity of their sin. Some believe that God will just overlook their sin. Others have this notion that God will grade on a curve and reward them because they are not as bad as a, say, Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot. Friend, if this is your idea of God, let me say that I love you enough to tell you you are wrong – dead wrong. All sin, no matter how insignificant it may seem to us, is an affront to a holy God. The Bible teaches that “The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). This death is a spiritual death and results in eternal separation from God. Please understand, dear one, that this eternal death is not just missing out on Heaven, it is eternal conscious suffering in a very real place the Bible calls Hell. Sin has eternal consequences because it is committed against an eternal God. Once a person enters Hell, there are no second chances, his fate is eternally and tragically sealed.

The Good News

The word “Gospel” means “good news.” The Good News of the Gospel is that God does not want you to go to Hell and loves you enough to have provided a Way of escape. His name is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the living God. Jesus came to earth as fully God and fully man and was the only One to have ever lived a perfect, sinless life. Jesus then willingly laid down His life for us by dying on a Roman cross. He was crucified to pay the penalty of your sins and mine. He became the offering for our sins and therefore satisfied the demands of God’s justice.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us – Romans 5:8

Then, on the morning of the third day, something amazing happened. God raised Jesus from the dead. All four gospels bear witness to this miraculous event. Jesus was raised and showed Himself very much alive to the disciples and apostles and to more than five hundred at once (1 Corinthians 15:3-7). The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most well-attested event in all of ancient history and testifies to the deity of Jesus. The resurrection sets Jesus apart from all other “religious leaders” who came before Him or since.

By being raise from the dead, Jesus has gained victory over sin, death and Hell. He is alive today and stands ready to forgive anyone of his sins who will confess with his mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in his heart that God has raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). Jesus and Jesus alone can forgive one of his sins and secure for him escape from Hell and an eternity in Heaven. That is the Good News.

Your Response

According to the Word of God, dear friend, what you decide about Jesus will determine where you spend eternity. No one can earn his salvation by good works (Ephesians 2:8-9). If we could somehow earn God’s favor, then the cross is empty and meaningless. We are forgiven of our sins when we first realize that we are sinners and in need of saving. Then, for the one who believes the Good News and is willing to repent of his sins and trust Jesus as Savior and Lord, salvation is freely given.

Are you ready to forsake your sins and surrender completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Please do not come to Jesus seeking happiness, peace, or some purpose-filled life. Come to Jesus seeking forgiveness of your sins. Come to Him because He alone can deliver you from the judgment that must come to anyone who dies without Him.

Friend, if you come to Christ, please do not expect that your life will all of the sudden be wonderful and without problems. Jesus did not promise anyone this. To the contrary, Jesus promised those who follow Him that they would face trials, persecutions, and be hated by some – maybe even by one’s own family. No, Jesus does not promise an easy life, financial prosperity, or physical healing (contrary to what some preachers would have you believe). He does promise you, though, the greatest gift of all: forgiveness of sins and eternal life. When the inevitable trials of life do come, He will grant His sufficient grace and strength made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). He will grant His peace that surpasses all human understanding (Philippians 4:6-7). This peace and strength comes from knowing that we are forgiven of our sins and that our eternity is secure.

If you have read all of this and are being convicted by the Holy Spirit of God that you need to surrender to Jesus Christ and trust Him as Savior and Lord, I would invite you to do that now. Go to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and save you. He stands ready to receive you unto Himself and wash your scarlet sins white as snow. If you have made this decision, please write and share with me your new life in Christ. It will be my joy to send you some material to help you in your new walk with Him and to pray for you as my new brother or sister in Christ.

I would encourage you to begin reading your Bible and praying daily. Seek and join a Bible-believing and teaching church. As you grow in your relationship with Jesus, share the Good News with others. May God richly bless and use you for His glory.

Your Response

According to the Word of God, dear friend, what you decide about Jesus will determine where you spend eternity. No one can earn his salvation by good works (Ephesians 2:8-9). If we could somehow earn God’s favor, then the cross is empty and meaningless. We are forgiven of our sins when we first realize that we are sinners and in need of saving. Then, for the one who believes the Good News and is willing to repent of his sins and trust Jesus as Savior and Lord, salvation is freely given.

Are you ready to forsake your sins and surrender completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Please do not come to Jesus seeking happiness, peace, or some purpose-filled life. Come to Jesus seeking forgiveness of your sins. Come to Him because He alone can deliver you from the judgment that must come to anyone who dies without Him.

Friend, if you come to Christ, please do not expect that your life will all of the sudden be wonderful and without problems. Jesus did not promise anyone this. To the contrary, Jesus promised those who follow Him that they would face trials, persecutions, and be hated by some – maybe even by one’s own family. No, Jesus does not promise an easy life, financial prosperity, or physical healing (contrary to what some preachers would have you believe). He does promise you, though, the greatest gift of all: forgiveness of sins and eternal life. When the inevitable trials of life do come, He will grant His sufficient grace and strength made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). He will grant His peace that surpasses all human understanding (Philippians 4:6-7). This peace and strength comes from knowing that we are forgiven of our sins and that our eternity is secure.

If you have read all of this and are being convicted by the Holy Spirit of God that you need to surrender to Jesus Christ and trust Him as Savior and Lord, I would invite you to do that now. Go to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and save you. He stands ready to receive you unto Himself and wash your scarlet sins white as snow. If you have made this decision, please write and share with me your new life in Christ. It will be my joy to send you some material to help you in your new walk with Him and to pray for you as my new brother or sister in Christ.

I would encourage you to begin reading your Bible and praying daily. Seek and join a Bible-believing and teaching church. As you grow in your relationship with Jesus, share the Good News with others. May God richly bless and use you for His glory.

I just cannot thank you enough for being faithful to what God has called you to do.  I pray for your travels and for the others that attend your seminar.  You have opened many eyes, and confirmed my own discernment toward these WoF preachers.  I know we are still few, but yet at the same time we are many. God Bless you and your ministry and once again mine and Jennifer’s prayers are with you.  We will be showing your DVD to Jennifer’s dad.  Please keep us in prayer as we minister to those who are tied up in these false teachings.

In God’s Love

Richard and Jennifer Marroquin

Brother Justin,

I came across your name on the Iron Sharpens Iron radio show which  directed me to your web site.   I took the 35 minutes and watched  your video on the Word of Faith movement, I must tell you that God   has moved you in a direction that is needed more now than I think  any time in the past with regards to this damning heresy.

My father has been in this movement for over 20 years, and is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa.   He moved my mother from  southern California where I grew up to Tulsa to attend the school.  I have had numerous conversations with him about some of the teachings and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I grew up in an SBC church in San Diego (1st baptist church of Pacific Beach), a church that we all had attended until I left for the Navy back in the late 80s, so to hear what I was hearing was quite a shock.  I have tried numerous times to express to him the heresy that he is part of but as you know, he would not allow any negative talk (and the list goes on and on).  I have him listed on my personal prayer list along with everyone else who has been sucked into this lie.

My grandmother died believing this lie, my only hope is that, before her death she came to know the truth.  I wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and your ministry, the WOFM needs to be exposed for what it is.

My blessings to you brother as you continue to fight in the spiritual trenches

In His Name,
Rev. Toby Holland
Pastor – Good News Community Church – Warren, PA

Hello brother Justin,

I pray this finds you doing well. My husband and I LOVE you and your ministry, and I feel led to share something with you. There are some apologetics ministries who do and teach the same thing that you do regarding the word of faith movement. These ministries are largely ignored (I believe) because they sound judgmental to the hearer regardless that they are right biblically.

God has graced you with a meek spirit and when you teach the truth, it is obviously from a place of love. You and your message will penetrate the walls of the word of faith churches and their followers because of the way you deliver the message (in addition to it being the truth.) What you say comes from a place of love in Christ and if people throw criticism your way, they have obviously ignored your heart motive. I praise God for your ministry. I watch the videos at least once a week so I can get everything in my spirit and go forth proclaiming the truth in love. As someone who came out of the word of faith movement a year ago, I continually need to read and hear the truth. Keep doing what you are doing!

Be Blessed,

Skye Steele

Dear Justin,

You may have very little time to read my email as I am sure your ministry keeps you more than busy! However, I hope that you can find a minute to read these lines as I just want to send you feedback as well as warm wishes from this part of the world.

Your DVD seminar “A call for Discernment” has impacted my life greatly. We have just spent the last few weeks in our little bible study going through it – it was uplifting! (So that you know our leader has been to your seminars J)Uplifting, perhaps an odd word to use in this case but I say uplifting as it shocked me at first but then left me with a great sense of encouragement. Why? Because there are Christians and Christian leaders out there that are fighting to spread the truth and only the truth of what Gods word stands for…..something we need so desperately in this day and age! And I was yet again privileged enough to receive such sound teaching. Uplifting also because I have often felt like a “spiritual failure”, wondering why others seem to have such a high flying Christian life, filled with blessings and gifts  while I battle my little wars everyday and doubt if I am pleasing God enough…..WRONG. I am in a church and bible study that teaches sound biblical truth – I stumble along an unwavering path, narrow and often uncomfortably rocky, but yet so scenic and beautiful to travel………and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else J Jesus never said it was going to be easy……

I felt immensely privileged to get to “know you” and your work through this DVD and to be fortunate to be touched by your teaching. Although I have known the Lord since I was 8 years old and believed that I could discern relatively well, this DVD gave me a wakeup call regardless and it pushed me to know in my very heart of hearts that we are NEVER to compromise on his word in even the slightest way!

I will be ordering a set for myself as I have a few friends that could be greatly blessed by your teaching and warnings. I hope the ordering via the website works half way across the world J So I close just to say a huge thank you – may our Lord God bless you in a very special way for what you are doing. May he keep you safe and well until we perhaps meet one day…..latest in heaven J

With best wishes and warm regards in Christ our only Lord and Savior,

Sabine Seeger
South Africa

Hello, Justin,

You were at First Baptist Anderson, AL this past week, and I wanted to let you know how very much my husband and I enjoyed your services. We were able to make all of them except the last night (which we were sad to miss!). It was indeed a breath of fresh air to hear you, and you seem to have a very sweet and humble spirit, and it is obvious that the Holy Spirit is leading you. Thank you for being willing to come to our church.

I just wanted to make a reference to something you said one night that really meant a lot to me. I was saved at age 12. I had no doubt that I was a sinner, that I needed a Savior and that that was Jesus. I asked Jesus to save me, and to take me as one of his own. There was no doubt in my mind that I was a Christian from that time on. Years later, I can remember it always sort of bothered me that I never had said a line for line “sinner’s prayer”. It’s so ingrained into the Baptist mind that you “have” to say the sinner’s prayer, that I even wondered if I had “messed up” by not saying it. I never could come up with a line for line prayer of sorts in the Bible, but it still bothered me. I mean, we have literature printed with the sinner’s prayer on it for crying out loud. Anyway, it blessed my heart and even made me smile when you stated one night that there is no sinner’s prayer in the Bible, and that it’s not “required” articulation for salvation. I knew that in my heart, but it was so good to hear it coming from a “preacher”. Thanks, Justin.

God bless you and your ministry.


Misty Robertson

Dear Mr. Peters,

I watched the show Wretched for the first time this evening and I received such a blessing watching you.  I would often watch these preachers on tv and I knew in my spirit that there was something wrong.  All they seemed to say was send me your money and God will heal you or provide you with a financial windfall.  Ya know, my grandmother had a saying (actually she had a lot of them) If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

I have personally been told that I was not saved because I had not spoken in tongues.  I was a brand new Christian and, not knowing any better, it crushed me.  Thank God He brought someone into my life to show me the truth.

The Devil’s been after me for many years.  I was told I must have had unconfessed sin because I got breast cancer.  I know you understand when I say that God Blessed me with breast cancer.  He used me in such an amazing and powerful way during that time, let me say this, I don’t think I’ve ever felt closer to God than I did during that time.

I don’t know why God had me watch this evening, nor do I know why He had me share this with you.  I just know I couldn’t go to bed without writing to you.

May God continue to bless you and your ministry.  Thank you for all you do.

Diane Walker

Hi Justin,

I just wanted to write and say again how very much Roger and I appreciated your seminar.  We believe your ministry and the message you have is vitally important.  We look forward to becoming regular supporters, not only financially, but with our prayers and encouragement – and in any other ways you might need.

I can’t explain it, other than the Holy Spirit’s work, but we were very moved by…well…everything about you.  God has gifted you with a gentle spirit, yet you speak with such biblical authority, and you you cause people to hear what you’re saying.  As I said, it’s rather difficult to explain.

It was quite an honor and blessing to meet you and have the chance to talk with you.  Perhaps the next time you’re in the DFW area, we can have that lunch (or dinner) together.  Our home is always open.

We hope you benefit from the Dave Busby videos – that he will minister to you, even as you pour yourself out in ministering to others.

May God continue to bless you, and may He protect you as you travel to OK and then on to CA.  You are in our prayers.  Keep in touch!

In Him,

Gayla & Roger

Blessing Pastor Justin

I hope all is well you and that you’re having a blessed Christmas and will continue with a God filled New Year. My motive for this email is inform you that we have received your Thesis and DVD set after placing our order, thank you (My wife actually ordered it). My wife and I have completely consumed the entire teaching material upon its arrival. It has helped me personally a great deal Pastor, specifically to articulate better what I have been feeling for sometime about the current church my family and I attend for the past 2 years. I’ve had trouble putting my thumb on it until my wife and I had a heart to heart discussion this past summer about things not just lining up with the scriptures, Pastor I’m no bible guru (though my wife is) but I noted that some fundamental biblical thresholds where exceeded by way of teaching in my church which raised a alarm in me. My wife was already uneasy, thus after speaking we agreed its time to be extremely diligent on what is said from the front of the church. Also to take lots of notes and examine everything by the light of the scriptures.

My wife and I quickly found ourselves unpopular after challenging (in Gods Love and in private) a bible teacher on the subject of Healing. The teaching was “Its Gods will for you to be in perfect health” thus we gave an inventory of biblical example on how this is not the case.

Also after my wife’s teaching on basic bible doctrines and apologetics, she taught that the Holy Spirit and its gifts are for everyone and not just a select few.  This basically goes against the grain of those who teach special revelation for a select few.

So thanks again for the material and I would ask that we stay pray fully in contact with each other, I’m very interested in your Ministry so add me to you mailing list. Pray for my family and me as we are obviously seeking another church to call home.

James Vazquez
Vice President – Development Manager
Information Technology Department

Hi Justin,

It’s so good to hear from you, those who were at your conference still talk about it and others are using your videos to reach out to their friends and family members. In fact, I know of one family’s son who is getting together with his in-laws, who are steeped in Word of Faith teaching – in fact the mother has terminal cancer – to show your video to them, their prayer is that this will free them from the false hope that God is obligated to heal her and to get her to know that whatever happens she is still in God’s hands and He is right there with her.

Carl Johnson

Hello Mr. Peters,

I had the great pleasure and the great blessing of being among the attendees at your “A Call For Discernment Seminar” at Twin City Fellowship this last weekend. Oh I praise God our Father and our Lord Jesus for the love burden that He has so graciously given you- a passion-that “His name will be great among the nations” this in your defense of His Holy Name, in the defense of the faith, in presenting the pure Gospel of God, for His glory, for the good of all men and for your joy.

The facts in your presentation, exposing this “movement”  for what the Lord calls it from His Word, heresy, “another” gospel, doctrine of demons, false prophets, etc. I thank the Lord, I thank you!! It was biblical, fair, honest and true. I see also that if it not be for His Spirit, the mind of Christ, His word, His Beloved, one could easily become entangled in their message,  the things of the world, the passing pleasures, it’s appeal to the carnal flesh is very attractive. Thank you for equpping us from Scripture, to give a defense, as well as exposing these deceptions.

The love, gentleness, humility and respect that you display in exposing the great heresies of  these teachings that would have a price tag put on the wonderfully magnificent person and work of  the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for temporal and mere earthly gain, this opposed to the Great Treasure which is Christ Himself.

Personally-much of my professing Christian family is deceived into this “another” Gospel.

If you can, please Sir pray that it please the Lord, to have mercy and compassion on my family and all blinded by satan, bound under the deception, on these “preachers” who would trample under foot the blood of Jesus- to raise them from the dead -alive, grant them repentance, faith, forgiveness in the shed blood of His Son Jesus Christ for His glory and praise, for the salvation of their dear precious souls. As well, keep me faithful to our Lord’s word, who loved me and gave Himself for me…

Sir may the Lord as we continue to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us…continue to be kept humble, kept faithful to His word, continue to draw near to the throne of grace, growing in faith, truth and love…that we all continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, being transformed in our hearts and minds, to be conformed to the image of the likeness of our dear Savior-Jesus Christ to whom belongs all things.

Thank You!!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Justin,

I spoke to you briefly after the end of the seminar today at Twin City Fellowship but I also want you to have in print what I relayed to you about your presentation.

I went to the seminar fully expecting another expose’ on the ministers of the Word of Faith movement.  It was that and so very much more.  You taught us where all the scriptures are that all of the WOF ministers are violating or misusing.  You kept our full attention with your loving and gentle method of presentation.  I could personally see that you are a man that truly loves our Lord Jesus Christ and are willing to do your part in defending him.  You blessed me with your presence and your presentation.  I can’t wait for my wife to see your DVD and hopefully to pass it on to her daughter who is deeply associated with a WOF church in El Paso, Texas (Abundant Faith Living Center, pastored by Charles Nieman).  This will probably create a chasm between me and her daughter but my desire for the truth about Jesus Christ and her salvation are far more important the the division that will be caused. (or maybe there won’t be a division!)

Another point that impacted me from your presentation was your comment about your crutches and how you won’t need them or even think about them when you get to Heaven.  There will be much more important things to be considering, Jesus Christ and worshipping and praising him.  I always hear people questioning whether there will be dogs in heaven, will I see my loved one there, etc.  I have no concern about that.  I can only hope to be focusing on Him as everybody that is there should be as well.

Again, I thank you for bringing us your very critical seminar.  May God continue to bless you and keep you working your ministry.


Samuel P. Madrid

Hello Justin,

I have just watched some of your seminar on the Word of Faith movement. It was an extract, so I’m not sure what it was called. (We don’t get much good teaching here in the UK). I have to say, your work is an inspiration to me and my family. We don’t go to church because they kicked us out (for teaching the bible), so we use American preachers as out priest at home.

You are one of the many brilliant testimonies of GOD’s work. I, myself was born with a cleft lip and pallet and have been in hospital more times than I have had hot dinners! Because of this I too was saved at an early age, 1994 at 5 years old. Three years ago I had a cardiac arrest and nearly died in my tenth and final operation. It made me realize that we can never always know what GOD is doing in our lives, and can take life at any moment he chooses. It is so lovely to see someone with such difficulties, marching out into the world proclaiming the Gospel. Our little ‘underground church’ is so thankful for your teachings. You are truly a man blessed by GOD, you have so much at wisdom at such a young age!

Can I ask, are you planning to come to the UK? This country is in such need of the Gospel. The only preaching’s on TV are that of Benny Hinn and the Copelands (ergh!). However, once a month, Bob Mitchell talks (not sure if you have heard of him, he is an end times person, and does it in his spare time). The only way us Brits can feast on Bible food, is by streaming and listening wherever possible on the internet.

Thank you for all your work, brother in CHRIST. God bless x

Kelly Smith

Dear Justin Peters,

I would first like to thank Jesus Christ for your life and ministry. In this age of deception your DVD’s and seminar’s in the UK and America have been a blessing not only to my self but thousands of other believers. I pray and hope that you continue with your ministry and would like to personally thank you for what Jesus has achieved through you. I was caught up in the wealth/heath gospel movement and only through God’s grace did I come to realise that it was false and that I was heading for Hell. It is bible teachers like you who made me realise the error of the movement and turn towards the true gospel.

Mr Peters I firmly believe that your ministry is needed most in Africa and other 3rd world countries where the world faith movement is destroying the body of Christ. I come from Kenya and still have links there although I currently reside in the UK and have personally witnessed how multiples of people have fallen prey to the blatant lies of this movement.

Its not going to be easy and you will most certainly face alot of opposition but if there is anyway I can help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

May the Lord our God Bless you and Keep you

Wainaina Junghae

Hello Mr Peters

My name is Janine and I am christian living in East London, South Africa. My family and I recently watched your seminar on a call for discernment and were instantly touched. You see, we were born as Catholics (some of my family members are still Catholics) and also spent some time visiting and being involved in word of faith churches. About 2 years ago a dear relative of mine lost his life to cancer. It was unexpected as he was healthy and only 47years of age. However, about 3 years before he died he fell in love with Jesus and all he wanted was his family to embrace the truth. He read the word day and night and tried to share the word at every opportunity he had. But our ears wouldnt listen, our hearts wouldnt accept. During the time since his passing some of us have had the opportunity to finally learn the truth for the first time. You might find that strange as I initially mentioned we were born into Christianity. After my uncles passing we soon realised that we have to start unlearning many of doctrines previously accepted. We went from the Catholic Church that didnt really encourage us to read God’s word to charismatic churches with their own set of teachings. The younger folk in the family like myself found the services far too monotonous and boring. The charismatic churches offered “excitement” but also alot of false teachings.

I am a believer in God’s perfect timing and for me watching the seminar both confirmed and re-inforced the truth even more. I currently dont attend church regularly as I am still finding a church where I fit in. I have labelled myself as a Christian for many years but only recently have I discovered the power of God’s word – it’s simple you have to read the bible everyday to strengthen your relationship with God. Also, how else does one get to know God?

East London is small city along the east coast of South Africa. TBN is also broadcasted here. Benny Hinn and co have visited EL. I personally havent been to any crusades although some of family members have been. There was a huge revival here last year hosted by the River Ministeries based in EL. Many word of faith preachers based overseas were involved in this revival. I think people in South Africa will most definitely benefit from your seminars. I find it shocking and scary that there are several false preachers with thousands of followers.

I pray that the Lord may bless you and your ministry as you continue to share the REAL TRUTH with God’s people. Those who know the truth need to share it. I am beginning to wander how many in this world do know the truth and have embraced it, especially in view of what is happening at the moment.

God bless you and your ministry.

Kind Regards

Janine Munsamy and family

Reformed Baptist Indonesia – February 2 at 8:48pm

Hallo Mr.Justin Peters,on behalf on my congregation I would like to thank you for your generousity and kindness for giving us dvd teaching materials.Im sure if it based on the biblical teaching it must be a help for us very much,because we are now in Indonesia are facing persecution and challenge from other faith (moslem )and our goverment.From the internal christian circle,Indonesia Christian face a rise of prosperity theology,word of faith movement, charismatic movement,etc. that confused our plain and simple christian people. We hope your teaching from the dvd source would would give our people a clarity of mind and a firm fondation about biblical and baptistic doctrine to unmasking the lie of the false teaching..We have also pray for you and your ministry..God bless you ! Thank you!

Hi Justin or whoever is reading this.

I’m writing to share my joy in the Lord. I watched the preview “A call for discernment” on youtube in December and decided to make Bulgarian subtitles for it. Today the first 10-minute part has become my most watched video on Bulgaria’s biggest Christian video sharing website – The website is generally dominated by prosperity and word of faith preachers.

The videos are being discussed on Christian message boards; people are emailing links back and forth and giving away DVDs with them. For a small country like mine, where almost every church teaches prosperity, it’s a breakthrough.

If there is a DVD with the full seminar, I’d like to make more videos with subs and share them with people for free.



Hello Justin, I was hoping I would find you on here, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you do. I watched a programme of yours a few days ago and was greatly blessed. Your strength and faith greatly encouraged me in my own journey with the Lord. So thank you for following the Lords calling on your life you truely are making a difference to those of us who have not received healing and are left thinking it is our lack of faith, or relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

May God Bless you and keep you
Shelley Rose

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False teachers are proud, they are concerned for their own popularity.

1. False teachers are proud.  They are concerned for their own popularity.  They are concerned for their own fame.  They are concerned for their own notoriety.  They are concerned for their own prestige.  They’re concerned to see themselves and hear themselves in the public eye.  They want large crowds, as it were, to bow down in great homage to them.  They’re characterized by pride and they will do anything to gain the ground they need to gain for the welfare of their own personal ego, including any amount of compromise necessary.

2. Secondly, false teachers are characterized by selfishness.  They tend to be self-centered.  They are concerned for their own comfort.  They are concerned for their own popularity.  They are concerned for their own prosperity.  In the end, it’s all about money, fame, and prestige and notoriety equals an increased bank account.  They are in it for the money and the personal material benefits that they can gain as they endeavor to feed their selfish desires.

3. Thirdly, They are characterized by deception.  They usually can weave a very sophisticated web of deception in their teaching because they tend to be articulate, if they’re going to be successful, and they endeavor to engage other people to aid them in their deceitful enterprise which gives it the, sort of, façade of credibility.

4. They’re not only proud and selfish and deceptive, but [fourthly] they’re irreverent.  If there’s anything that sort of dominates in my thinking about false teachers, it is their irreverence.  They have absolutely no regard for God.  The fact that they would go against God, that they would elevate themselves the way they do, that they would pervert the truth indicates their utter irreverence.  They have little, if any, regard for God, His Word, His truth, His glory, His honor…

5. Finally, they are spiritually destructive.  They seek to use people; they seek to abuse people.  They seek to lead people into error, which destroys them—into sin, which pollutes them.

So, as you look at false teachers with regard to the world, they are proud and they seek fame and popularity.  With regard to themselves, they are self-centered, selfish, self-aggrandizing, self-gratifying.  With regard to the nature of their ministry, they are dishonest and deceptive and lack integrity.  With regard to God, they are utterly irreverent; in fact, they are blasphemous.  And, with regard to the people that they influence, they are spiritually destructive. So, their relationship to the world, their relationship to the ministry, their relationship to themselves, their relationship to God, their relationship to their people all reflects the deviation of their hearts.  John F. MacArthur Jr., Concerns of a True Pastor: Humility and Selflessness, 1998

Today’s preachers along with some who have passed on whose ministry or teachings continue, who are either teaching a false doctrine or are using the Doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ for the benefit of their own selfishness and gain. Some of these preachers lay claim that Jesus is the only way to Heaven (and they would be right), but at the same time, they preach that personal gain is the main message.  There are many different activities out there by some of these people and we would suggest that you study our Articles Page to discover some of what is going on in today’s Churches. – FWM

Before Genesis: Lucifer- Satan’s Fall -Is this Atlantis?

This teaching uses the Bible the explain what happend before Genesis took place. It deals with angels, what they are, Lucifer and his fall, how he works, and different occurances of Satan in the Bible.

I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.Helel, Ben-ShacharIsaiah 14:14Lucifer in the Bible – Helel Ben Shachar

In the Bible, the Hebraic text in Isaiah 14:2 refers to Helel Ben Shachar or Heylel Ben-Shachar (הילל בן שחר). Helel Ben-Schachar is translated into English as “O shining star, son of the dawn!” The name Lucifer is a translation of Helel Ben-Shachar into Latin by St. Jerome in the fourth century. Lucifer derives from two Latin words, lux (light) and fero (to bear–to bring), meaning light-bearer, light-bringer. The Bible identifies Lucifer as Devil,Satan, serpent, dragon, dweller of hell and other names.

Lucifer is the Latin translation of the Hebrew name Helel Ben-Shachar

The name Satan

Satan is a Hebrew word meaning “adversary,” as “one to lie in wait”; hence, “the snares of the devil.” In the New Testament, Satan is referred to under the name “Devil” (Greek: diabolos), meaning “accuser, slanderer.” In Hebrew שׂטן satan or śāṭān, or Aramaic שׂטנא satana means “accuser, adversary.”). Satan plays various roles in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocrypha and the New Testament. In the Hebrew Bible Satan is presented as an angel (messenger) sent by God to test mankind; in the Apocrypha and New Testament Satan is portrayed as an evil rebellious demon who is the enemy of God and mankind.

Satan is the central embodiment of evil. Satan is also commonly known as the Devil, the “Prince of Darkness”, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Lucifer, and Rachelle. In the Talmud and some works of Kabbalah Satan is sometimes called Samael ; however most Jewish literature is of the opinion that Samael is a separate angel. In the fields of angelology and demonology these different names sometimes refer to a number of different angels and demons. In Islam, Satan is known as Iblis, who was the chief of the angels until he disobeyed Allah by refusing to prostrate himself before Adam.

The name Devil

The word “Devil” is not used in the Old Testament. It is Abaddon in Hebrew, Apollyon in Greek, meaning “destroyer.” The Devil is the name given to a supernatural entity who, in most Western religions, is the central embodiment of evil. This entity is also commonly referred to by a variety of names, including Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles and Beelzebub. In classic demonology, these alternate names sometime refer to a separate supernatural entities or personalities.

“Satan” and “Devil” are two names used in the Scriptures, but there are a great number of others familiar to all Bible readers, namely: “the accuser of our brethren,” “the evil one,” “deceiver,” “murderer,” “father of lies,” “Beelzebub,” “Belial,” “tempter,” “great dragon,” “serpent,” “prince of demons,” and at least forty such titles are attributed to the fallen angel Lucifer.

The place of Hell

Hell is place defined in the Bible, about the afterlife, and is a place of torment, great weeping and gnashing of teeth. The Judeo-Christian term hell comes from the Hebrew word “Gehinnom”, which technically means landfill, the use of the word “hell” in Bible translation, Collier’s Encyclopedia says: “Gehinnom” in Old Testament times referred simply to the abode of the dead and suggested no moral distinctions, the word ‘hell,’ as understood today, is not a happy translation.” The confusion over what this word actually means stems from the fact that the ancient Hebrews apparently didn’t believe in immortality of the “soul”.

Hebrew landfills were very unsanitary and unpleasant when compared to modern landfills; these places were filled with rotting garbage and the Hebrews would periodically burn them down, however by that point they were generally so large that they would burn for weeks or even months. In other words they were fiery mountains of garbage. In The New Testament the word “Gehenna” refers to one such landfill, the valley of Hinnom.

The Hebrew Sheol was translated in the Septuagint as ‘Hades’, another the name for the underworld. The New Testament uses this word, but it also uses the word ‘Gehenna’, from the valley of Ge-Hinnom, a valley near Jerusalem in which in ancient times garbage was burned. The early Christian teaching was that the damned would be burnt in the valley just as the garbage was. Punishment for the damned and reward for the saved is a central theme of early Christianity.

A word about Latin

Latin was the lanuguage originally spoken in the region around Rome. It gained great importance as the formal language of the Roman Empire. All Romance languages, such as Italian, Spanish and French, descend from a Latin and many words based on Latin are found in other modern languages such as English. In the Western world, Latin was a lingua franca, the learned language for scientific and political affairs, for more than a thousand years, being eventually replaced by French in the 18th century and English in the late 19th. Latin remains the formal language of the Roman Catholic Church to this day, which includes being the official national language of the Vatican. It is also still used, along with Greek, to furnish the names used in the scientific classification of living things.

Intelligence & Beauty

“Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty” Ezekiel 28:12.

Arrogance & Pride

‘Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness” (Ezekiel 28:17).

Misleading the World

Satan deceives the whole world (Rev 12:9), and “The whole world lieth in the evil one” (I John 5:19).

Satan forced from Heaven

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and the angels under his command fought the dragon and his angels. And the dragon lost the battle and was forced out of heaven. ” (Rev 12:7).

Satan deceives and battles

“Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle” (Rev 20:7,8).

Satan revealed – overthrown by Jesus

And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. (2 Thess 2:2-11)

Judgment of God against Satan

“I, myself, have risen against him! I will destroy his children and his children’s children, so they can never sit on his throne. I will make Babylon into a desolate land, a place of porcupines, filled with swamps and marches. I will sweep the land with the broom of destruction. I, the Lord Almighty, have spoken!”

Isaiah 14:22

The Real Atlantis – LUCIFER Rising


Is this Atlantis?

These are the images which could show the fabled sunken city of Atlantis.

allthechildrenoflight-atlantisgooglemaps    allthechildrenoflight-underwateratlantis allthechildrenoflight-googlemaps2    allthechildrenoflight-googlemaps

It shows a perfect rectangle the size of Wales lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean nearly 3½ miles down.

A host of criss-crossing lines, looking like a map of a vast metropolis, are enclosed by the boundary.

They seem too vast and organised to be caused naturally.

And last night the possibility of an extraordinary discovery had oceanographers and geophysicists captivated.

The site lies 620 miles off the west coast of Africa near the Canary Islands — a location for Atlantis seemingly suggested by the ancient philosopher Plato.

He believed it was an island civilisation sunk by an earthquake and floods around 9,700BC — nearly 12,000 years ago.

The “grid” showed up on Google Ocean, a Google Earth extension that uses a combination of satellite images and marine surveys.

Last night Dr Charles Orser, curator of historical archaeology at New York State University — and one of the world’s leading authorities on Atlantis — called it “fascinating”.

He said: “The site is one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, as described by Plato. Even if it turns out to be geographical, this definitely deserves a closer look.”

The legend of Atlantis has captured the imagination of scholars for centuries.

And in the 1970s it spawned a hit TV series, Man From Atlantis, in which Patrick Duffy played a webbed hero who could live underwater.

Situated in an area called the Madeira Abyssal Plane, the grid was spotted by aeronautical engineer Bernie Bamford as he browsed through Google Ocean.

Bernie, 38, of Chester, said: “It looks like an aerial map of Milton Keynes. It must be man-made.”

Google today claimed the criss-crossing lines were sonar data collected as boats mapped the ocean floor.

But the internet giant said “blank spots” within the lines could not be explained.

A spokeswoman said: “Bathymetric (or sea floor terrain) data is often collected from boats using sonar to take measurements of the sea floor.

“The lines reflect the path of the boat as it gathers the data.

“The fact that there are blank spots between each of these lines is a sign of how little we really know about the world’s ocean